2019 has been a wonderful year of exciting changes in our world. This year the staff at SFGN has put together a fun and varietal gift giving guide for you to explore. Buying gifts should come from the heart each year, but sometimes its difficult to find that perfect gift for the person who has everything. 

Welcome to SFGN’s sixth OUT50 list. When we decided six years ago to move forward with this idea we thought it would be difficult putting together enough names. It turned out the difficult part was narrowing it down to only 50 individuals.

Barbara Signer (not Singer) and her wife Fran Epstein, retired from careers in New York and moved to Florida in 2011. Almost immediately they engaged in a variety of visible causes, political and educational, including Democratic Party programs, the Point Foundation, Planned Parenthood, Our Fund and Equality Florida, to name a few of the 26 programs listed on their combined resumes.