Pro-athletes Wear Rainbow Laces in Support of The LGBT Community

Rainbow Laces @ Rockleaze Rangers F.C. took on @Sharpness Afc the #GlosCounty league game, Photo Via Gloucestershire FA Facebook

UK soccer players are wearing rainbow laces in support of Stonewall’s campaign to bring equality to sports called “Rainbow Laces,” according to Stonewall.  

But one former player, Graeme Souness said more needs to be done to make gay people feel accepted. Souness, 66, a former Liverpool and Rangers soccer player, said that when he played from the 70s to the 90s, it was an “extremely homophobic” climate.

“You ask the question ‘why has no one ever come out?’ I don’t think football has created an environment where anyone would feel comfortable and confident about saying ‘I am gay’,” Souness said, according to FourFourTwo. “There must be gay and bisexual players playing in the Premier League, there has to be, but no one has felt comfortable enough to come out and say ‘this is me’.”