This week read about LGBT people protesting against a coup in Myanmar after the military took power, and celebrity Mildred Loic and her companion being arrested under charges of homosexuality in Cameroon.

LGBT People Protest Myanmar Coup

LGBT people protested against the coup in Myanmar after the nation’s military took power in early February, the Guardian reported.

Drag queens and rainbow flags were present within the marches alongside other protesters.

Myanmar’s military took power on Feb. 1 after demanding a rerun of votes from the nation’s general elections, the BBC reported. The military has declared a year-long state of emergency and put their Commander-in-Chief Min Aung Hlaing in power.

Protesters face water cannons, rubber and live bullets, and restrictions such as curfews and gathering limits.

LGBT discrimination in Myanmar is common, the Guardian reported. The country still holds an anti-sodomy law.




Trans Women Arrested in Cameroon


Mildred Loic (Shakiro). Screenshot via shakiro237, Instagram.

Two transgender women were arrested in Cameroon last week under charges of homosexuality, Erasing 76 Crimes reported.

Cameroon celebrity Mildred Loic, also known as Shakiro, and her companion Moute Rolland, also known as Patricia, were arrested on Feb. 8. Loic is well-known online for internet posts promoting her transgender identity.

Advocacy group All Out has established an online petition for their immediate release, according to the group’s website. The petition has over 750 signatures out of its goal of 1,000.

“We call on the government of Cameroon to release them immediately and put in place all measures to guarantee their security and well-being,” according to the website.

The petition is to be filed with the Minister of Justice of Cameroon, Erasing 76 Crimes reported.

Same-sex sexual relations are a crime under the nation’s penal code.