This week read about four LGBT shelters opening in Cameroon, and two gay men facing danger after being detained for unknown reasons and sent back to Chechnya.

Four LGBT Shelters Open in Cameroon

In Cameroon, four organizations have opened shelters in response to violence, human rights abuses and family rejections LGBT people have faced, Erasing 76 Crimes reported.

LGBT advocacy organizations Camfaids, 2HRC, Alcondoms and Colibri run the shelters.

Shelters provide medical and psychological assistance as well as employment training, Erasing 76 Crimes reported.

The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief is funding the project, the United States Agency for International Development is supervising and Care Cameroon’s Human Rights Grant program is supporting it.

The shelters also provide bunk beds, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms, Erasing 76 Crimes reported. Each shelter can fit around 15 residents.

Residents can stay in shelters for between one and three months based on their circumstances. Each shelter comes with a manager who monitors security, in addition to other duties.



Gay Chechens Face Danger


Photo via PxHere.

An LGBT rights group said two gay men face danger in Chechnya after they were seized near Moscow last week, AFP reported.

The two men were detained for unknown reasons and sent back to Chechnya. A spokesman for the LGBT Network, a rights group, said the Federal Security Service domestic intelligence agency detained and sent back the two men, The Moscow Times reported.

The two Chechen men attempted to flee to a region East of Moscow in June of last year after they were tortured by Chechen special police in April, AFP reported.

Spokesman Tim Bestsvet said the two men were initially arrested due to their sexual orientation, The Moscow Times reported. Officially, the men were arrested for operating an opposition Telegram, an instant messaging service, channel.