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A new poll shows that LGBT marriage is unpopular in Venezuela, and an investigation into a school affects LGBT Ugandans.

New Poll Shows LGBT Marriage Deeply Unpopular In Venezuela

According to a poll released by the Venezuelan firm Meganálisis, upwards of 84% of Venezuelans oppose the legalization of abortion and nearly 73% oppose same-sex marriage.

The president and CEO of Meganálisis, Rubén Chirino Leaez, told Breitbart News that Venezuelan politicians, including the self-described "opposition" leaders and socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro, largely avoid social topics to forge coalitions among various segments of the populace.

He continued by saying that the media's focus on the minority of Venezuelans pushing for the legalization of same-sex unions or abortion makes such groups of people appear far larger than polling and other data show they are.

Although leftist movements have historically prosecuted suspected gay individuals as "counterrevolutionaries," notably in Latin America, advocacy for abortion and LGBT concerns have become pillars of left-wing ideology in the West.



School Investigation By Parliament Affects LGBT Ugandans


 SFGN file photo.

A video identifying Kampala resident Eric Ndawula as gay surfaced online days after Uganda's parliament authorized an investigation last month into the alleged promotion of homosexuality in schools.

Ndawula, 26, claimed that his landlord had shown him the film, which had been released by an individual whose name he was unfamiliar with. The building could not accept a gay person, according to the landlord, who subsequently sent him an eviction notice.

"I am now a threat to the children around [me] because I am going to recruit them into homosexuality," Ndawula told Reuters ironically.

Activists claim that since the parliament announced its investigation, there has been a wave of discrimination and violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.