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Chelsea Flower Show in London will host a gay wedding, and Slovakia is close to blocking recognition for transgender people.

Gay Wedding to Feature at Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower Shower, a staple of the London society calendar, is trying to make this year’s show more inclusive.

Celebrities and royals attend the event each year and, for the first time in the 110 years of the show, a wedding will be hosted. Garden designer Manoj Malde and his partner Clive Gillmor will tie the knot in the unity and diversity themed garden that Malde designed.

“It’s really important that people know the Royal Horticultural Society isn’t just about their shows and gardens, it also does a lot in the community – then people will begin to understand that it’s not elitist,” said Malde.

He continued, “How on earth is anyone going to accuse the RHS of being elitist when they are going to have the first RHS Chelsea wedding between a gay Indian man and a gay Irish man?”

The event will also celebrate female gardeners, have themes of accessibility, and will have attendees from disadvantaged areas of London.




Country on Brink of Blocking Legal Recognition for Trans People


 Rado Sloboda. Photo via Twitter.

Slovakian MPs are being pressured to reject a bill that would put a stop to legal gender recognition for transgender people.

The law was proposed by conservative and far-right parties and would require someone to have the “correct” set of chromosomes to match their legal gender.

“This law will gravely impact the rights of transgender people, forcing them to reveal their gender assigned at birth in everyday circumstances, such as signing for parcels. It will increase the risk of bullying, discrimination, or violence, and impact the right to privacy. This bill should not pass,” said Rado Sloboda, the director of Amnesty Slovakia.

If passed, this bill would follow a similar one passed in Hungary.

A vote is expected within the next few days.