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February 2023

2/3/23: Help Find A Missing Wilton Manors Man

January 2023

1/4/23: Man Who Pulled Gun at Bar Going to Trial

1/6/23: Wilton Manors Gets $1 Million for Stormwater Project

1/10/23: City Loses Kiwanis Club; Property Sold to Highest Bidder

1/13/23: GYM Bar Reopens After Health Code Violations

1/17/23: Military Cadets Among Six Dead in Spring Overdose

1/20/23: City Considers 'Traffic Calming' Ideas for West Side

1/24/23: Wilton Manors' Biggest Fire in 20 Years Still Shrouded in Mystery

1/27/23: Oakland Park City Commissioner Resigns

1/31/23: World AIDS Museum Hosting Inaugural Gala Feb. 4

December 2022

12/2/22: Get Holiday Fun with SFGN's Arts Guide

12/6/22: Holiday Spectacular Party Dec. 12 in Wilton Manors

12/9/22: Anti-LGBT Protest in Fort Lauderdale

12/13/22: Assailants Remain Imprisoned After Losing Probation

12/16/22: Wilton Manors Initiates Bike-friendly Intersection

12/20/22: Children's Art Celebrated with Manatee Contest

12/23/22: 'Footloose' at the Broward Center

12/28/22: Close Out 2022 With the Best

12/30/22: Taking Another Look at Papa Duke's Deli

November 2022

11/1/22: Bomb Scare Threatened Dental Office - Everyone Safe

11/4/22: SunServe Offers Counseling After Bomb Scare

11/8/22: Candidates Vie for Your Vote This Election Day

11/11/22: Wilton Manors Re-Elects Mayor Scott Newton

11/15/22: Decisive Results Across the Polls

11/18/22: Wilton Manors Vice Mayor Re-Elected

11/22/22: Honoring Trans Lives at Pride Center

11/25/22: Wilton Manors Remembers Club Q Loss

11/29/22: Giving Season with Bears of South Florida

October 2022

10/4/22: Final Week - Vote Now for Best Of 2022

10/7/22: Arrest Made in Oakland Park Murder After 12 Years

10/11/22: Commissioners Pass Budget; Raise Taxes

10/14/22: PPP Forgives Most Wilton Manors Business Loans

10/18/22: Remembering Don Clark, Local Bartender

10/21/22: City Launches New Electric Rides

10/25/22: Local Artist Celebrates Studio's Anniversary

10/28/22: Have a 'Wicked' Good Time Halloween Night on The Drive

September 2022

9/2/22: Political Signs Removed Around Town

9/7/22: City Weighs Overdevelopment Risks

9/9/22: Loved Ones Remember Leo Peralta at Memorial

9/13/22: New Publisher of SFGN

9/16/22: City Honors Heroes of Corner Pub Attack

9/20/22: Meet the Candidates in Wilton Manors' Election

9/23/22: Payday! Commissioners Give Selves Huge Raise

9/27/22: Vote Now! Best Of 2022

9/30/22: Candidates Aim to Keep Life 'Better' for Residents

August 2022

8/2/22: PrideFête Back in Wilton Manors

8/5/22: City Commission Pursues Salary Raises

8/9/22: Commission Meeting Gets 'Stinky' Over Sewage System Complaints

8/12/22: Join the Annual Reverse Quinceañera

8/16/22: A Future Without Roe - Join Our Fund Tonight for a Discussion

8/19/22: Veteran Calms Man Wielding Grenade

8/23/22: Wilton Collective Helps LGBT Teens

8/25/22: Best Of 2022 Has Launched - Vote Today!

8/26/22: Summer Bash Promotes Body Positivity

8/31/22: Wilton Manors to Increase Pay Raise for Police, Commissioners

July 2022

7/1/22: Man Pulls a Gun Outside of a Popular Bar

7/6/22: 23 Businesses "At Risk" of Displacement

7/8/22: Wilton Manors to Update Impact Fees

7/12/22: Wilton Collective Employs LGBT Youth

7/15/22: Monkeypox Spreads, Limited Vaccines

7/19/22: Three Candidates: Two Seats

7/22/22: Should City Commissioners Make More Money?

7/26/22: Wilton Creamery Claims Yelp Top Spot

7/29/22: Meet the City Commissioner Candidates

June 2022

6/1/22: BSO, Pride Center Meet to Build a Better Relationship with LGBT Community

6/3/22: Leases for Wilton Manors Businesses Aren't Renewed

6/7/22: Pride Center Goes Over Resources for Affordable Housing Crisis

6/10/22: Brightline Collision Happens Days After New Safety Initiative

6/14/22: SunServe Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Helping Locals

6/17/22: Wilton Manors Commissioner Not Seeking Re-Election

6/22/22: Former WM Officer Suspected of Killing Missing Girl

6/24/22: Stories for Pride Posted on Wilton Drive

6/28/22: Thousands Attend Pride in Wilton Manors

May 2022

5/3/22: Commissioners Discuss Hotels, Motels & Vacation Rentals

5/6/22: Wilton Manors Recognizes Outstanding Volunteers

5/10/22: Wilton Manors Celebrates 75th Anniversary

5/13/22: Wilton Manors Art Walk is Back

5/17/22: Commissioners Accept WiltonNext but Not Approve it - Yet

5/20/22: This Bar is Going to Host Nights Dedicated to Vinyl Music

5/24/22: Wilton Manors Prepares for Stonewall Pride Parade

5/27/22: Wilton Manors Changes Marijuana Violation Rules

April 2022

4/1/22: Bicycle Lanes & Sidewalk Improvements Are Underway

4/5/22: Wilton Manors Celebrates Anniversary: Join In!

4/8/22: Get Ready for this Summer's Stonewall Pride Festival!

4/12/22: SFGN Gives Funds to Pride Center to Help Local Community

4/15/22: Survey Shows Islanders Want More Dining & Wellness

4/19/22: Former Church Property Catches Fire in Wilton Manors

4/22/22: Public Meeting on Monday for Complete Streets Project

4/26/22: New Play Examining Bigotries w/Humor Premieres at the Foundry

4/29/22: Surrogacy Conference for Gay Men Won't Boycott Florida

March 2022

3/1/22: Increased Housing Prices Could Make Wilton Unaffordable

3/4/22: Rabbi Noah Kitty Runs for the Wilton Manors Commission

3/8/22: Broward Commissioner Campaigns for Ted Deutch's Seat

3/11/22: Community Board 'Pranked' During Women's History Month

3/15/22: College Students Overdose at Wilton Manors Property

3/18/22: Memorial for Local Server and Hall of Famer on Saturday

3/22/22: Our Fund Honors Local Philanthropists

3/25/22: SunServe Celebrates Anniversary This Saturday

3/29/22: To Buy or Not: Should Wilton Purchase Kiwanis Club Building?

February 2022

2/1/22: Rally Against Anti-LGBT Bill at Pride Center TODAY

2/4/22: Cookout Event Fundraiser This Weekend

2/8/22: Museum to Honor Activist Who Helped Those Affected by AIDS

2/11/22: Vice Mayor Announces Re-election Campaign

2/15/22: Term Limits? Good or Bad for Wilton Manors?

2/18/22: The Library Offers Tax Assistance and Other Programs

2/22/22: Broward, Fort Lauderdale Pass Resolutions Against Anti-LGBT Bills

2/25/22: Memorial Service for Wilton Manors Officer This Sunday

January 2022

1/4/22: Elijah Manley Wants Your Vote for House District 94

1/7/22: Restaurant Fund Keeps Wilton Manors Businesses Alive

1/11/22: Vote for House District 94 TODAY!

1/14/22: Find Out Who Won The House District 94 Seat

1/18/22: Shocking Twist in Wilton Manors Double Murder

1/21/22: Elijah Manley Feels Homophobia Lost Him the Election

1/25/22: Check Out the Most-Read Wilton Manors Stories of 2021

1/28/22: Celebrating Local LGBT Volunteers

December 2021

12/3/21: Vaccination Rate Improves in Wilton Manors

12/7/21: To The Moon Gives Gifts to First Responders

12/10/21: Wilton Manors Named One of the 'Gay-friendliest' Towns to Visit

12/14/21: Wilton Manors Mayor Announces Bid for New Term

12/17/21: Visit the New Bazaar in Wilton Manors

12/21/21: Bona Celebrates 5th Anniversary

12/23/21: Commission Tackles Paid Parental Leave, Garbage Contract & More

12/24/21: Consider Donating to The Islander with a Gift

12/28/21: See Who Won SFGN's Person of the Year

12/30/21: Police Arrest Driver Who Killed Two Children in Hit and Run

November 2021

11/2/21: Rosie's, Wilton Elementary Under Fire as Trolls Target, Threaten Them

11/5/21: Headed Debate Over Term Limits Stir Emotions

11/9/21: Wilton Manors to Offer Employees Incentive to Take Vaccine

11/12/21: Local LGBT Pioneer Dies

11/16/21: Businesswoman Wins Democratic Primary for Alcee Hasting's Seat

11/19/21: Tax Cuts for Seniors; Wicked Manors Blasted, & More

11/23/21: Trans Day of Remembrance Marked in Wilton Manors

11/26/21: Check Out the Winners of Best Of 2021!

11/30/21: Wilton Manors Commissioner Pedals for Dollars for SMART Ride

October 2021

10/1/21: Lazy Lake, Millions for City, Term Limits & More

10/5/21: 'Friends' Keep Library Open & Independent

10/8/21: Bona Gives Back: Check Out Our Interview

10/13/21: 90+ Nominees in Wilton Manors for SFGN's Best Of

10/15/21: Check Out Our Interview with Carvelle Bikes in Wilton Manors

10/19/21: Papa Duke's Deli - Open for Business

10/22/21: Drag Bingo This Sunday at Hamburger Mary's

10/26/21: New Wilton Manors Neighborhood Association Forms

10/29/21: Wicked Manors Makes a Comeback

September 2021

9/3/21: Hopes for Train Station in Wilton Manors Fades

9/8/21: Pam Ann Flies into Wilton Manors

9/10/21: Our chat w/Union Kitchen; & What to do This Weekend!

9/14/21: The Greening of Wilton Manors

9/17/21: Abortion, Vacation Rentals & Andrews Ave. - This Week's Commission Meeting

9/21/21: A Hotel for Wilton - Coming Soon?

9/24/21: Wilton Manors Club Hosted First History Tour by Bicycle

9/28/21: Wilton Manors Finalizes $40 Million Budget

August 2021

8/3/21: Wilton Drive is Changing!

8/4/21: Local Commissioner Draws Ire Over Zoom Attendance

8/5/21: One Last Letter to Wilton

8/10/21: Wilton Manors Appoints Queer Black Woman to Board

8/13/21: Bowling for a Cause Sat & It's Time to Vote Islanders!

8/17/21: Nominate Your Favorite Wilton Manors People, Places & Things!

8/20/21: Oh Mary! Popular Burger Joint Now Open!

8/24/21: The Rent is Too Damn High - Low Inventory Drives Up Costs

8/27/21: It's Official: Higher Buildings, More Density Coming to Wilton Manors

8/31/21: Rent Increases @ Pride Center Force 12-Step Groups Out

July 2021

7/1/21: Your Local Eats Have Moved – See Where

7/7//21: Make Some Cash With a Vacation Rental

7/8/21: A Tubular 80s Pool Party!

7/9/21: The Love Wins Bridge is Complete!

7/13/21: It's Back! The Pride Center Is Reopening

7/15/21: Boatloads of Books! Check Out This Annual Book Fair This Weekend

7/16/21: Wine and Dine with Sicilian Cuisine with Bona Italian

7/20/21: Train Station Could Make its Way to Wilton Manors

7/21/21: Mayor Justin Flippen to Appear in Upcoming Book

7/22/21: Woman Found Dead After Hit and Run in Oakland Park

7/27/21: Alibi Gets $2.1 Million for Recovery

7/28/21: Poverello Keeps Wilton Healthy

7/29/21: New Eats: Bagels, Coffee & Sandwichs, Oh My!

June 2021

6/1/21: Welcome to The Islander – We're Live!

6/2/21: Come See What's Cooking in Wilton Manors!

6/3/21: Trans Ban Sparks Protest in Wilton Manors

6/8/21: Start Your Morning with the Maestra

6/9/21: Hot Takes Incoming!

6/10/21: LGBT Arts Get a Kickstart

6/15/21: Pride Returns to Wilton Saturday with New Grand Marshals

6/16/21: Stonewall Festival CEO Talks Pride Events

6/17/21: Wilton Manors Leaders Share Words of Support for Pride

6/22/21: One Dead After Pride Vehicle Accident

6/23/21: Facts vs Fiction: Pride Accident

6/24/21: In Memoriam: James Fahy, Victim of Pride Accident

6/29/21: Celebration of Life for Pride Crash Victim Set for Wednesday

6/30/21: Local Study Seeks To Help with Mental Health