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A week after being assaulted, U.S. Congresswoman Angie Craig released audio of vulgar and threatening telephone calls.

The lesbian lawmaker’s office said the calls were “gutter politics” and likely the result of Fox News and Republican activists distorting her record on police funding in the assault's wake.

Craig, 51, was attacked in the elevator of her Washington, D.C. apartment building on Feb. 9. She fought off the man by throwing hot coffee at him. 

D.C. Police arrested Kendrick Khalil Hamlin, 26, a homeless man who authorities claim has 12 prior convictions, including three assaults and two robberies. Hamlin, allegedly, followed Craig into the elevator, punched her in the chin and grabbed her by the throat before Craig doused him with coffee and escaped. 

Police said Hamlin may suffer mental health issues.

“My morning coffee really saved the day,” Craig said.

Craig’s office believes Fox News host Jeanine Pirro and the National Republican Congressional Committee instigated the nasty calls by attempting to tie the Minnesota Democrat to “defund the police” extremists. The calls contain graphic and lewd comments that Craig got what she deserved; it should happen again and the police should not respond.

“Harassing the victim of a violent crime on national television is abhorrent behavior. The messages and threats received by Representative Craig’s office following the NRCC hit job and Fox News’ false and inflammatory coverage of her assault represent the worst of our society,” said Laura Cottrell, Craig’s communications director.


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