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Couples with children may soon have an opportunity to pay no property taxes in Texas if a recently filed bill gets signed into law. 

But there are a few catches, according to the New Republic

For one they have to be heterosexual. Next they need to have 10 “qualifying” children. Lastly they could never have been divorced. 

According to the bill qualifying couples are “a man and a woman who are legally married to each other, neither of whom have ever been divorced.” As for qualified children they’re described as a “natural child of both spouses of a qualifying married couple born after the date on which the qualifying married couple married.” The bill also allows for adopted children. 

The tax break would kick in at four children and increase by 10% until they reach 10 kids. 

The Texas representative who proposed this piece of legislation, Bryan Slaton, is a former minister and has a history of attempting to attach anti-LGBT amendment to unrelated bills. 

“With this bill, Texas will start saying to couples: ‘Get married, stay married, and be fruitful and multiply,’” said Slaton in a press release. 

Slaton’s former intern Jake Neidert is a self-described Christian nationalist who has called for the public execution of people who take children to drag events, according to the Texas Tribune.