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Read about Devin Ibañez coming out as gay, Kurtis Gabriel showing off his Pride skates, and Twitter users blasting Elon Musk over a comment he made about gender pronouns.

 Professional Rugby Player Devin Ibañez Comes Out as Gay

Professional Rugby player Devin Ibañez came out as gay last month.

“I am openly gay. This is something that is not a secret to those close to me and even several people not close to me. But I always felt a need to keep it separate from my rugby career,” Ibañez said in a lengthy Facebook post on Dec. 29. 

Ibañez played for the University of Massachusetts before playing Rugby professionally, according to In Ibañez’s coming out message, he posted photos of his boyfriend Fergus Wade, “an English medical student he met in 2017 while Wade was doing research at Harvard studying sleep deprivation in fruit flies.” 

Ibañez, who played with the New England Jacks in 2019, hopes to play Rugby overseas in England in order to be closer to his boyfriend.



Kurtis Gabriel Rocks His New Gay Pride Ice Skates


Kurtis Gabriel. Photos credit: @guby_customs, Instagram.

Kurtis Gabriel, a professional hockey player who came out as gay in 2010, revealed his new ice skates that don the LGBT Pride flag on one pair, and another pair supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

One of his Instagram posts shows him and his skates at the rink, along with a message at the end that says, “Share this. Show your friends, loved ones, children, your ‘enemies.’ Tell them why I am wearing them.” 

On the back of the skates reads “Love is Love.”

“Love is love 💗 in any form. ANY FORM. Science tells us (you know, on that thing called the internet, that is accessible to a lot of this planet) that a large portion of the population of earth is on the LGBTQ+ spectrum,” Gabriel mentioned on his Instagram post.

Gabriel plays for the San Jose Sharks.

Twitterverse Blasts Elon Musk Over Gender Pronouns


Elon Musk. Photo credit: Duncan Hull, via Wikipedia.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk received backlash from the LGBT community when he posted a meme on Twitter about pronouns.

This prompted many people to post their comments about Musk and his thoughts on putting pronouns in the bio of someone's social media.

One Twitter user poked fun at the fact that his company deals with rockets, yet he cannot wrap his head around pronouns. Others even went so far as to criticize his daughter's name.

Another Twitter user said, “Mf your child’s name is a 30% off coupon.” The memes continued to snowball throughout the thread.

CleanTechnica spoke out about Musk’s Tweet and gave their insight on the situation saying, “Real Friends Interrupt You When You Are Making A Mistake.”

Musk retaliated to their comments saying “I absolutely support trans, but all these pronouns are an esthetic nightmare.”

“To prove he wasn't transphobic, Musk then responded with some Tesla statistics claiming that his company scored 100/100 in ‘LGBTQ+ equality’ on the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index,” according to

Why are pronouns in your Twitter bio even an issue?

“Many cisgender allies list their pronouns to support transgender, genderqueer, and non-binary people and normalize the practice of asking how one would like to be referred to,” according to