Bloomberg Unveils LGBT Agenda

Mike Bloomberg Via Facebook

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg unveiled his LGBT policy proposals this week. 

Bloomberg, the former Mayor of New York, vowed to reverse the barrage of policy setbacks LGBT Americans have suffered under the Trump administration. 

“I have been honored to stand with the LGBT community in the fight for equality and justice, from New York, where we won marriage equality in 2011, to states across the country. That fight – true to our nation’s highest ideals – has achieved historic progress, but we still have a long way to go,” said Bloomberg. “As president, I will work to protect every member of the LGBT community from hatred, violence, and discrimination.

We will close disparities in health care access and quality, stop violence against transgender people, and advocate for equal rights across the world. We cannot settle for anything less – and I won’t.”

Bloomberg’s LGBT agenda includes equal treatment in the workplace, housing and public accommodations, passage of the Equality Act, support for rural communities, ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic, address youth homelessness, establishing safe and inclusive schools, increasing protections for transwomen of color, promote mental health screenings and strengthen suicide prevention efforts, mandate more oversight, accountability and training for law enforcement, and appoint a special envoy at the State Department for LGBTI issues. 

“It is important for the LGBT community to see thoughtful and robust platforms developed which touch on the experience of discrimination, our health and healthcare, the most vulnerable stages of life such as youth or older adults,” said Orlando Gonzalez, executive director of SAVE. “Mike Bloomberg provides a thorough platform that is prospectively promising and that also retrospectively repairs the harm of the current administration.” 

Bloomberg was a late entry into the race. He is not on the ballot in Iowa and New Hampshire and has been blocked from the DNC debate stage due to not accepting campaign donations.