National LGBT Task Force Honors Lee Rubin 

Rea Carey standing with Lee Rubin as he was presented the Excellence in Community Leadership Award. Photo via Compass, Facebook.

The National LGBT Task Force held a party on Sunday, Nov. 3 in Fort Lauderdale celebrating the commitment of Lee Rubin, one of its former directors, for his devoted service to the organization.

Held on Las Olas isles at the home of Roy Waldron and Evan Dillon on a rainy afternoon, the task force’s executive director, Rea Carey spoke about recent actions the Trump administration has initiated which are designed to not end, but rather promote, discrimination against the LGBT community.

Carey said the Task Force “will be proactive and challenge rollbacks to legal protections fats and lesbians have won sober the years.”

In the next year, Carey said three specific projects they are undertaking involve voter registration, restoration of rights for convicted felons, and the project ‘Queer the Census.’

Lee Rubin of Citrix was honored for his corporate advocacy for promoting diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace.

Rubin, who was named to SFGN’s OUT50 list in 2015, had just spoken at the Out and Equal conference two weeks ago. The Task Force also recognized him for his philanthropy, contributions, and engagements in the community of organizations serving LGBT interests.

“The work that corporate America is doing,” Rubin said, “ is paving the way for what governments across the country are starting to do.”

Citrix, he noted, is creating and fostering programs for anti-bullying policies, equality act enactment, immigration protections, and gender transitioning plans in the workplace.

The party’s hosts, Waldron and Dillon recently retired to South Florida. Waldron is a now retired International IP legal counsel for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Dillon is a retired radiologist.

The Task Force sponsors the ‘Creating Change’ conference and raised funds for its scholarship and non profit programs.