Do you know what Glutathione is?

Chances are you don’t so here is a crash course. Glutathione is an antioxidant that counteracts bad things that happen to the human body. When the body shows signs of deterioration, humans can take steps to counteract failing health.

Glutathione is part of the equation.

Emmanuel Trenche, spokesman for Fort Lauderdale based Liquivida Lounge, said glutathione is essential to a healthy immune system.

“Not having enough glutathione contributes to oxidative stress, which plays a major role in the mechanics of complex disorders,” Trenche said. “In other words, oxidative stress affects the composition and strength of your cell exposing you to disease.”

At Liquivida Lounge, IV infusion with glutathione is available. The antioxidant is administered intravenously providing needed amino acids for the human body.

Doctor Howard Newman oversees the Liquivida Lounge operations in Coconut Creek in northwestern Broward County. Newman swears by the therapy’s results. Aside from IV infusion being the fastest way to restore health, glutathione, Newman says, is an effective remedy.

“We’re getting good results with it,” Newman said. “It works well in women and men.”

The Mirror Magazine visited three different Liquivida Lounge locations to observe and participate in the therapy. Prices vary depending on your selection. There are drips for many different conditions. During our visit to the Pompano Beach location, a Liquivida Lounge staff member pinched the arm of a reporter to determine a level of dehydration.

“A lot of the patients are dehydrated,” Newman said.

Patients, Newman said, come in through referrals. Cash and credit cards are accepted, Newman said, but because Liquivida Lounge is classified as a wellness spa, standard health insurance, does not apply.

“That’s just for catastrophic [insurance],” Newman said of the health care coverage offered in Florida under the Affordable Care Act.


A Lounge For Rejuvenation. 

Tucked away in a shopping plaza off A-1-A in Fort Lauderdale’s Galt Mile is a lounge where drinks are served in untraditional methods. This lounge focuses on wellness and nutrition and the drip comes intravenously.

Welcome to the future of healing.

“We created the Liquivida Lounge concept to bring nutrient IV therapy to the masses,” says founder Samuel Tejada, a Broward County firefighter and paramedic.

Raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Tejada now calls Coconut Creek home. He launched his premium wellness spa setting earlier this year after hearing a lot of positive buzz from similar startups in Los Angeles.

The idea of voluntarily sticking a needle in your arm is still a bit daunting for some so Tejada and his investors have made every effort to ensure a relaxed ambiance for the lounge experience. 

Tejada describes the lounge – with similar models in Broward and Palm Beach Counties – as offering concierge-like service the moment guests walk through its doors. 

“We teamed up with a leading group of medical experts to create the best IV nutrient infusions in a high-end lounge setting,” Tejada said.

The lounge offers seven nutrient IV drips, giving guests a variety of options to improve their wellness. Executives seeking to sharpen performance and relieve stress have their brand while other drips are offered that improve the appearance of skin, nails and hair; power cell defenses and even cure hangovers.

All with the help of glutathione. 

“It’s one of the best anti-aging nutrients out there,” said Newman. 

Explaining how glutathione works in lay terms, Newman said: “It grabs free radicals and makes them inactive.”

Free radicals cause cell damage and interfere with normal cell function, Newman said. Smoking, he said, causes free radicals.

“When the body has certain stresses, it needs more glutathione,” Newman said.

A normal session takes anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes for the IV to be administered, Newman said. Patients typically kick back in a reclining massage chair with flat screen televisions to watch during therapy. 

In addition to rehydrating the body, glutathione helps with skin lightening, said Newman, giving some patients a “glow” and more energetic feel. 

Celebrities such as Rhianna, Kim Kardashian and Simon Cowell have successfully used IV therapy, said Newman. On its website, the lounge lists several VIP testimonials.

“Those IV drips were amazing. I can’t even begin to describe in words how great I felt after leaving Liquivida Lounge, especially 2-3 days later. That massage chair sure didn’t hurt either,” said MMA fighter Steve Montgomery.

Flight attendants, professional athletes and busy corporate executives fit the usual profile of an IV therapy patient, said Emmanuel Trenche, marketing and public relations manager at Liquivida Lounge. The important thing to remember, Trenche said, is glutathione IV treatments slow down the aging process.

“While glutathione is a naturally occurring molecule that is found inside every cell of the body, levels decrease with age and low levels can cause many serious diseases,” Trenche said. “It has been found to act as an antioxidant to other antioxidants as it has the ability to maximize the activity of vitamin C and vitamin E.”

Not to be left out, Millennials, have a drip targeted for their lifestyle. Labeled “Rise and Shine,” this drip is customized for society scene stealers recovering from a party hangover.

“Hungover? Bounce back and get moving quickly,” reads a page in a promotional Liquivida Lounge brochure.

What makes the Rise & Shine drip so effective? Liquivida officials point to Taurine, the drip’s most powerful ingredient. Taurine is an amino acid that works with electrolytes and Magnesium, a metal, and Chloride, a halogen, to detoxify cells.

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