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It’s time to dust off your heels, unpack your wig, and get yourself a shiny new Pride Progress flag.

On March 26, our LGBT community and its allies are coming together to fight for our rights and protest against oppressive legislation. This grass roots community event is being powered by dozens of local community leaders and organizations who recognize the imminent threat the DeSantis administration and proposed legislation like the HB 1011 pose to our community. We are all incredibly fired up by the recent defacing of the Pride Flag on Fort Lauderdale Beach, and we recognize that both Stonewall Pride and Wicked Manors are at risk if we don't take immediate and decisive action.

The march is unique because rather than having “rest stops” along its route, we’ll be providing “action stops” where participants will take meaningful action to have their voice heard. Some planned action stops include:

  • Dialing with Demands. Participants, armed with smart talking points, will dial moderate legislators and encourage them to stand with us on LGBT issues. For those legislators who can’t be swayed, we’re identifying major donors to their campaigns who aren’t likely to appreciate their stand so we can alert them of how their donations are impacting our community.
  • Every Vote, Every Election. Designed to increase voter participation, this stop will offer voter registration and mail in ballot requests.  
  • Our Values Gone Viral. An interactive and totally instagrammable experience, this action stop will provide the props and cool technology to showcase participants personal spirit and style! Digital photos with messages that demonstrate our values will be taken for participants to share instantly on their social media – helping our event go viral!

Attendees are strongly encouraged to dress up for this special occasion. Whether that means dressing in full drag or simply draping themselves in pride flags, we plan to show up as only our community can. There will be plenty of opportunities for marchers to express themselves as they move through the streets alongside like-minded individuals.

At a time when Florida’s governor has launched multiple attacks on drag queen communities, individuals belonging to the LGBT spectrum need to come together to resist this oppressive attempt to marginalize and dismiss our community. This march serves as a reminder that our voices cannot be drowned out — we are here and ready to make our demands heard across all levels of government!

This march represents more than just a political or social statement – it shows that despite adversity, we can come together to make positive change happen. It sends a message of hope not only for those in Florida but for people throughout the country who are already subject to  anti-drag laws and oppressive legislation. Those who attend this march will become part of a legacy in which we stand up for what we believe in and make our voices heard! To register for the event and see the latest updates, visit

- Chris Caputo, Wilton Manors City Commissioner