1870: Urning (Uranus), the first known gay periodical. Started by Karl Ulrichs in Germany. It closed after a single issue for lack of support.

1896: Der Eigen (The Exceptional), began publishing in Germany in 1896 until 1931, it is considered the first known successful gay periodical.

1920s: Die Freundin (The Girlfriend), a German magazine that openly discussed lesbian issues.

1925: FRIENDSHIP AND FREEDOM is the first American gay liberation periodical. Henry Gerber managed to publish two issues of this mimeographed newsletter before being falsely arrested and losing his job.

1926: FIRE publishes its first and only issue showcasing the work of Harlem Renaissance writers, it included the poem “Smoke, Lilies and Jade” by Bruce Nugent, the first published piece about homosexuality by an African American writer.

1947: VICE VERSA, published under the pseudonymous Lisa Ben (anagram for lesbian), is the first U.S. lesbian magazine.

1953: ONE is considered the first wide-circulation gay periodical in North America. By the mid-fifties it had subscribers in Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. Its publishers had to go to the Supreme Court to get the local postmaster to let them distribute it thru the mail. It reported on entrapment and harassment cases as well as publishing intellectual and cultural articles. It ceased publication in 1969.

1964: TWO is the first gay magazine in Canada, the name was inspired by the U.S. magazine One. Ceased publication in 1966.

1964: GAY: first North American periodical to use gay in its title. It was founded in Toronto. It later became Gay International.

1967: THE ADVOCATE: now a bimonthly, is the oldest continuing gay publication in the U.S. In December of 2013 it was the first gay magazine to feature a Pope on its cover when it named Pope Francis “Man of the Year.”

1967: VANGUARD: a monthly publication by a group of radical gays who called themselves the Circle of Loving Companions.

1969: Time magazine’s “The Homosexual in America” becomes the first cover story on gay rights in a national magazine.

1969: GAY POWER: the first gay newspaper to appear after the Stonewall Riots.

1969 The Washington Blade, originally called The Gay Blade, published its first issue on October 5, 1969. The Blade is the oldest LGBT newspaper in the United States and second largest by circulation, behind Gay City News of New York City. The Blade is often referred to as America's gay newspaper of record because it chronicled LGBT news locally, nationally, and internationally from the early days post Stonewall.

1972 GAY NEWS was a pioneering fortnightly newspaper founded in England in 1972. It ceased publication in April of 1983 after a long and costly legal battle with the courts for printing a homoerotic poem about Christ, written by James Kirkup. The poem was called "The Love That Dares To Speak Its Name.” It can be read at http://torturebyroses.gydja.com/tbrkirkup.html (Warning: some readers might be offended by the content of the poem).

1972: THE OTHER WOMAN: a lesbian-feminist publication is produced in Toronto; it is followed in 1973 by Long Time Coming, a lesbian journal out of Montreal.

1973: GAY COMMUNITY NEWS: is founded in Boston and is the only lesbian and gay news weekly in the U.S. at the time.

1978: MOM…GUESS WHAT a Sacramento gay paper is the first to report a gay wedding.

1982: ONYX: by monthly newsletter started in Berkley, CA by a black lesbian collective. A separate newsletter, San Francisco-based, called The BLACK LESBIAN NEWSLETTER, was publishing at the same time.

1986: THE MONTROSE VOICE: Houston, Texas, was the first gay daily but it did not have enough advertising revenues to sustain the effort and went back to weekly publication.

2014: BOMBASTIC: gay rights activists in Uganda are risking detention, violence and death threats for launching an LGBT magazine called Bombastic. Their aim is to “share the realities of being gay in Uganda.” In the past month a team of 130 volunteers handed out thousands of copies and are planning to publish the groundbreaking title four times a year.


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1977: WEEKLY NEWS BULLETIN, started as the newsletter of the Miami-Dade County Coalition for Human Rights (DCCHR). The Coalition had just lost the fight to preserve Dade County's first human rights ordinance; South Florida did not have a gay community paper in 1977. The Weekly News Bulletin later became TWN and ran for 25 years plus.

1999: EXPRESS GAY NEWS: Founded in January 2000 by criminal defense attorney Norm Kent. In 2003, it was acquired by Window Media, the largest publisher of gay/lesbian weekly newspapers in the United States. On August 28, 2008, Express Gay News underwent a drastic rebranding effort, changing format and name. The newer version of the paper, called The South Florida Blade, was edited by Dan Renzi. In 2009 Window Media shut down amid a corruption scandal and shortly thereafter the paper was re-organized with most of the same staff by Mark Haines as The Florida Agenda. (Bobby Blair Publisher).

JANUARY 25, 2010: SOUTH FLORIDA GAY NEWS (Norm Kent Publisher) starts as a weekly coinciding with what would have been the 11th anniversary of Express Gay News. A fiercely independent publication, a credible and legitimate newspaper, which has been featuring topical news, outspoken columnists, cutting-edge writers, and hard-hitting meaningful articles capturing the breadth and diversity of gay life, locally, nationally and internationally. In 2011 SFGN was an honoree of the Stars of the Rainbow and winner of Media Star of the Year. In 2014 the newspaper was the winner of 5 SPJ Awards and 2 Florida Press Club Awards. SFGN also publishes THE MIRROR, a quarterly LGBT glossy magazine.