Grooming can only take a man so far in bringing out his best self. For those days when we haven’t gotten enough sleep or just look tired, we could all use a boost. We’re happy to see that men are now letting their true selves shine through — with the help of a little makeup.

Makeup has the fantastic reputation of helping us show off whatever style we’re going for, whether it’s a natural, everyday look or something a little more on the wild side. And men are taking full advantage of this trend. From the subtle to the bold, men are proving that makeup truly is for everyone.

These tips will help every man find the best makeup look for him.

Prime Time

Primers are a fabulous way to set the tone for foundation. Go for a tinted primer that will smooth fine lines and help showcase an overall even complexion. Wear alone or under foundation to give off the impression of perfect skin.

Get Matched

Men can now find products that match their skin tone to provide a flawless finish. A word of caution, though — visit a makeup counter to get matched with the correct foundation color. We love the fact that most counters give samples so we can test products before buying!

Brow Up

For some men, groomed eyebrows are a great way to look pulled together. With the help of some eyebrow powder and a slightly wet makeup brush, men can get that subtle groomed look that is on-trend right now. A wax eyebrow shaper that is a shade darker than the hair also works.

Map It

Makeup face charts are brilliant tools to be used to map out a man’s makeup routine. The above picture demonstrates how men would benefit from contouring, focusing around the eyes and the cheekbone area. Finding a makeup artist who can do face charts is a great tool that you can continue to refer to when doing your own makeup.

Go Bold

While some men prefer the natural look, others prefer to showcase their makeup prowess. Our most artistic male friends use eyeliner and eyeshadow to set themselves apart from the pact. We think it’s a bold — and refreshing — way to make a late-night appearance at a party! Some of the best men working in makeup are makeup artists. If you’re still on the fence, the below video by renown makeup artist and YouTuber Patrick Starr may be the tutorial that changes your mind about makeup. Watch just how easy it is to pull together a natural look!

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