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web series

  • A few months back, Australian filmmaker Tonnette Stanford, an out lesbian, presented two pilot episodes of her web series “Love Bytes.” The hilarious show follows the wild and wooly romantic lives of a group of close knit friends. Some of whom are gay, some lesbians, and even a few straights, all of whom are entangled in a lot of edgy, boundary pushing humor. There's also a bit of profound and insightful commentary on how we, as humans, clumsily stumble around in the dark in our search for love.

  • Ever thought about what it would be like to go back into the closet?

  • For the past several years the popular web series "Old Dogs & New Tricks" has reminded people that love and romance don't end with middle age – and that men never change. "Old Dogs" has been enthusiastically received by gay men of a "certain age" who are thirsty to see relatable images of themselves onscreen – sharp and insightful writing has helped draw in not only a sizable audience but an impressive array of guest stars.

  • One film student is showing a “fun, sexy and outrageously frank 21st-century sex-ed for gay adults.”

  • Fans of daytime drama were shocked when the long running soap opera “The Guiding Light” was cancelled in 2009. The beloved serial premiered on radio in 1937, switching to TV during the 1950s. When it aired its final episode after an impressive 72 years on the air, it was the longest running scripted drama in history. Over the next three years, three other beloved soaps were cancelled in rapid succession.

  • Today is World Aids Day and this year there is an anthem that everyone can sing along to when celebrating the holiday.