• 48 Hours in Charleston: More than just history

    There’s more than just Civil War-era history here—Charleston, South Carolina is a city packed with plenty to do and see for LGBT travelers. Don’t get us wrong, it’s heaven for history buffs, but be sure to add in some LGBT nightlife and the dining scene alone is worth the trip! Here’s a roundup for the perfect weekend getaway to the heart of the Lowcountry.

  • 48 Hours in Key West: The perfect two-day getaway for South Floridians

    Editor's Note: Key West will re-open to visitors on Sunday, Oct. 1 and they need your support.


    Only a 3-hour drive from Miami surrounded by clear turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the left and the Gulf of Mexico on the right (or faster still by plane), Key West is just as much the gay destination as it’s ever been.

  • 48 Hours in Madrid, Spain

    “According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces,” Plato tells in The Symposium. “Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.” This beautiful sentiment was my introduction to the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid, Spain, an encyclopedic museum of art spanning from 13th century to late 20th century works.

  • 48 Hours in St. Augustine

    The oldest city in the country is open with minimal damage after Hurricane Irma passed through. And it’s back with a kick!

  • A Fresh Look At Florida’s Keys

    Recently my husband and I spent a weekend in the Florida Keys.

  • Attorney General’s Office Investigates Closed Gay Travel Agency

    When Al Ferguson of Al and Chuck Travel shut town his travel, tour and cruise company last October, he took to Facebook to promise his customers no one would lose a dime because he had the “hard assets to cover their losses.”

  • Boycott Effort Launched Against Qatar Airways

    Tim Buckley doesn’t want you to fly Qatar Airways.

  • Brightline Off To Noisy Start

    There’s a lot of noise about South Florida’s first privately funded passenger rail service.

  • Brightline Tops Out Fort Lauderdale Station

    City and business leaders gathered on a construction site in downtown Fort Lauderdale Friday to celebrate the building of a train station intended to revolutionize travel in South Florida.

  • Column: On the Road Again

    My husband Gregg doesn’t fly. That means when we go on trips, I usually drive one way with him and fly the other (I’ll support his neuroses only so much). We recently had to head to Chicago for a family event and he has two new books out (short stories, “How to Whistle” and poetry, “Fifty Degrees” — shameless promotion) so he arranged a couple of readings in bookstores along the way. Of course, what kind of foodie would I be if I didn’t explore the dining scene-even if I am in town only overnight?

  • Cruising Into 2019: How to Make the Best of Cruise Travel

    (Mirror) One of the best parts of being a travel writer is that there are always unexpected adventures waiting just around the corner. My latest adventure found me in the Bahamas…swimming with pigs!

  • Deluxe Or Deprived – The Extremes Of Gay Travel

    Most LGBT travelers fall into one of two categories: those who love to rough it versus those who prefer luxury. Some of us are equally at home in a tent as we are in a five-star hotel.

  • En Français and Anglais: Pride in Montreal

    Have you ever considered a bilingual Pride? While it’s not exactly as sexy as it sounds, the idea’s still pretty damn enticing. Neighbors to the north Montreal have definitely got it going on.

  • Five Florida Destinations Receive 2017 Gay Travel Awards

    More gay travelers may start spending their vacation time in the Sunshine State.

  • Fort Lauderdale Named LGBT Destination of the Year

    Fort Lauderdale was recently named “Destination of the Year” by the 2014 ManAboutWorld Editors’ Choice Awards, which recognizes the very best in gay travel. Fort Lauderdale is also the city with the highest concentration of same-sex couple households in the U.S.

  • Gay Camping 2019: Check Out These Hidden Gems

    (Mirror) Where else can you strike up a conversation with a stranger on a perfect summer morning, in your pajamas, carrying a bag of dog poop? Gay camping of course.

  • Gay Camping: A Growing Gay Institution

    (Mirror) Acceptance, rights and inclusion was our gay agenda and as the war subsides to battles and as the dust clears, we begin to see the outcome. We may love our gay culture, yet it is important to understand that achieving our goals carries with it the cost of giving up who we were for who we will become. 

  • Gay Group's Cuban Excursion Draws Fire

    The Greater Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is forging ahead with plans to tour Cuba next week despite objections from some members of the South Florida LGBT community.

  • Gay Key West: Body Positive on The Southernmost Point

    (WB) Yes, it’s that time of the year — resolutions abound. Social media is full of them. And I guess you could call this column one of those.

  • I Ate My Way Across San Juan: Culinary Adventures in Puerto Rico’s Capital

    San Juan is a city of contrasts: 500-year-old brick casas sit next to gleaming glass-and-steel hotels. Caribe Indian, Spanish and African cultures compete and combine in every conceivable way. Busy highways divide affluent and struggling neighborhoods. An U.S. commonwealth, its residents are Americans, but more proudly Puerto Rican.