• (CNN) Ruby Alexander just wanted to go to the beach. As a transgender 11-year-old, she struggled to find comfortable, well-fitting bikini bottoms.

  • This week read about Somizi Mhlongo coming out as pansexual, Lia Thomas breaking the women's swimming records at her school, and the movie "Benedetta" being based on a true story about lesbian nuns.

  • If you are interested in associating with gay swimmers, there’s a club for that.

  • Step onto any gay beach – from Miami’s Haulover to Asbury Park’s 5th Ave. to Will Rogers Beach in Los Angeles – and you’ll bear witness to a veritable catwalk of loosey-goosey board shorts, fitted trunks, and skintight Speedo-like swimwear.

  • (EDGE) Mark Foster, an Olympic British swimmer who set several world records, came out as gay in a new interview with Winq.

  • Expansion plans by Aquachamps, a swim school on Northeast 26 Street, have been at least temporarily denied by the city’s Planning and Zoning Board [P&Z].

  • Diego Suarez is a global citizen returning to Florida to present his hometown to the world.

    “I am most excited about having all of my friends from around the world in my hometown of Miami and showing everyone how magical our city is,” Suarez said.

    Suarez has competed in International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics sanctioned swim meets in Hawaii, Sweden, Canada, Iceland and Cleveland. The 32-year-old has lived in Switzerland and calls Miami home.

    “I have been a masters swimmer for about 10 years and enjoy getting in the water to relax, unwind and get in a great workout,” Suarez said.

    Suarez is swimming with the Nadadores of South Florida in this year’s IGLA World Championships. He said he prefers the butterfly stroke and will be participating in water polo for the first time.
    Before they dive in, IGLA members gather for a traditional party to catch up on life and model their new wears.

    He said, “The most exciting event every year is the speedo party, which is a tradition that is held by the swimmers.”