Stage Door Theatre

  • Set during the Red Scare of the 1950s, Topher Payne’s play, “Perfect Arrangement,” might sound like a sober history lesson from an era when being gay or lesbian could destroy the most successful career and shame entire families.

  • The question of identity and the pull between family and romance are at the center of Juliet Among the Changelings, a world premiere play by Andie Arthur, and the first full production from Lost Girl’s Theatre, the company she co-founded with director Katherine Siegel. 

  • “My story is that typical narrative of a Midwestern boy who comes out of the closet—or doesn’t come out—in his hometown and then leaves,” explained playwright Michael Patrick Spillers, who grew up in the Ozark mountains of southwest Missouri.

  • For years, I overlooked the consistently poor sound at Broward Stage Door Theatre in Coral Springs. I excused the bombastic levels as a necessary compromise because the company primarily serves seniors bused in from local retirement communities. After all, Stage Door is one of the few theaters that consistently sells out shows, seniors or not, in two theaters, no less. Who can blame them for meeting the needs of their loyal customers.