St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

  • Faith: The Wonder of Biblical Love

    Last month I presented what I believe to be strong evidence that David and Jonathan were far closer than the Church and most scholars have officially admitted. We reviewed, among other elements, the diatribe King Saul launched against his son, Jonathan.

  • Faith: What’s In A Name? A Wish For The New Year

    When I entered the Brotherhood of Saint Gregory and took a name-in-religion (“Mark Andrew”), I was obligated by the time I took my Vows to change my legal name to conform. I chose “Andrew” not because he was the first apostle to follow Jesus but, rather, because he was completely overshadowed (then and now) by his brother, Peter.

  • Faith:Two Over-Arching Stories And Woe To Those Who Confuse The Two

    I’m fond of saying that the Bible can best be thought of as containing two over-arching stories. The first is the story of humanity.