Ric Reily

  • Taking Buckley for a walk is a repetitive activity generally preceded by pleas to a dog using reason, like that will be of any value. Usually the walk itself is a tugging from an interminable sniffing spot or a demand that he do his business and let’s move on.

  • A credit card is a powerful tool and when deftly wielded can be very useful.

  • Worry takes a great deal of energy. Can you define worry? After all if you worry about money, employment, love, health or gay drama you might just as well understand what you are really doing. So, what is worry? My definition of worry: worry is interest paid on trouble before it’s due. Here is an interesting conundrum, because regular readers are aware of my abhorrence to paying interest. Thus, I simply don’t worry.

  • Do you know where your money goes, are you carrying too much debt or would you like to have some freedom from worrying about your money? Saving does not mean going without, using coupons or only buying on sale. Though the latter two are great options.

  • Critical thinking has gone missing from our political culture, politicians and policy makers. There was once a time in American society when political views could be discussed in a civil manner and perhaps a mind or two changed along the way. Politics and religion are two third rails of conversation, avoided at all cost. Bring in the state of education for the perfect trifecta.

  • Socially responsible investing has its genres. Many investors avoid companies that produce or trade in weapons, cigarettes or prisons. Some investors consider environmental and social governance concerns. More and more LGBT investors prefer investing in companies with language in their Equal Employment Opportunity Statement prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Companies offering health benefits to same sex partners or spouses of employees also communicate acceptance. Younger LGBT investors are even more likely than older investors to turn to socially responsible investing. 

  • There’s perhaps no more insidious an attack than identity theft. Though many crimes are more physically traumatizing, identity theft attacks are done quietly. And often the damage is done before you’re even aware of the crime. Your life, as you know it, can be fundamentally changed.

  • After living as a gay family for a lifetime the lucky among us will retire. Age in itself is good though some in our LGBT culture have a certain disdain for the old; age is after all the reward for not dying young.