• Wait a minute. Aren't they on the same team?

  • Pride is over, now let’s eat!

  • Hundreds of protesters have filled the street in front of the federal courthouse in Ashland as they wait for a hearing to start on the gay marriage case in Kentucky.

  • A man who spent $100,000 on plastic surgery to look like pop star hunk Justin Bieber, and who was also featured on the reality TV series "Botched," has been reported missing in Los Angeles county, the Daily Mail reports.

  • LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- The Nebraska attorney general's office is objecting to a new effort by a civil liberties group to have both same-sex spouses listed as parents on their children's birth certificates.

  • A group of noted AIDS activists issued a statement calling out pharmaceutical giant Gilead over price gouging. The group, which included Peter Staley and Larry Kramer, slammed the makers of PrEP drug Truvada and called for the profiteering to end.

  • Hot Guys With Guns’

    Film imagines If Bogie and Bacall were both guys

  • Several people are upset and have written to SFGN over the tag “WTF?!?” as part of a headline in an art review. Angry they are.  

  • Betsy Benson, a longtime public defender, launched her campaign for Broward County Court Judge during a well-attended function at her offices in Coral Springs on Thursday evening, Oct. 8.

  • In a 35-page petition filed last week, the city asked the state Supreme Court to review a lower-court ruling exempting SEPTA from adherence to the city’s LGBT-inclusive antibias rules.

  • When Rabbi Elliot Kukla became the first out transgender rabbi ordained in the Reform Jewish movement almost a decade ago, he would get questions from other rabbis along the lines of "There's a transgender congregant coming to services. What should I do?" He would tell the other rabbis to greet them with, "Shabbat shalom," the traditional welcome for anybody.

  • Flip through the channels or scroll your social media feeds and you might rightfully think that monkeypox is the greatest health threat to society, even though COVID-19 diagnoses are surging again thanks to wily new variants. 

  • “Taken by the Wind: A Jane Lawless Mystery” by Ellen Hart
    c.2013, Minotaur Books
    $25.99 / $29.99 Canada
    320 pages

    Your bag was packed.

    There wasn’t much in it except for the necessities: your two favorite toys, a clean t-shirt, the stuffed animal you couldn’t sleep without, and $2.31.

  • SFGN had the opportunity to preview several of the films being showcased during the first weekend of the Fort Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Oct. 10-12. Be sure to check next week’s issue for reviews of films from the second weekend, Oct. 16-19.

  • Queers are now everywhere, even in the crypt of the living dead. Here are three classic films, all available on DVD and/or Blu Ray, to enhance your Halloween celebration.

  • Gay film festivals are wonderful events, but it’s a fair bet that few people can attend all of them or view each of their rich offerings. Luckily, many gay independent films appear eventually on Netflix or Amazon, streaming or on DVD, and viewers can watch them at their leisure. To be sure, some offerings are rather lame, and after only a few scenes one can sign off. But occasionally under the slag lies molten gold, and so it is with Alan Brown’s recent films about love between young men.

  • Check, check, check.

    For the past couple weeks, that’s all you’ve been doing. Making out checks, checking your balance on your plastic, and checking names off your gift list.

  • Wizard of Oz — A Classic Reimagined

    Wizard of Oz, one of the most iconic musicals of all time, is playing at Broward Center for the Performing Arts through Jan. 19.

    Don’t worry about knowing the storyline because this brand new production keeps the basics intact for a familiar and nostalgic feeling, but reimagines enough of it to keep the timeless classic fresh.

    Andrew Lloyd Webber's adaptation is more comical, more gay, and introduces new songs such as “Red Shoe Blues,” “Farewell to Oz” and “Already Home.” Unlike the movie this version gives songs to both witches and the wizard. The only one that really stood out though was Already Home, sung by Glinda (Robin Evan Willis).

    Gay audiences will especially love the Cowardly Lion, who is even gayer than the original, at one point proudly proclaiming that he’s a “friend of Dorothy.”

    Visit for tickets and prices.

    42nd Street — A Nostalgic Look Back

    Wick Theatre continues its inaugural season with 42nd Street, a 1980 Broadway musical following Peggy Sawyer, a newcomer to Broadway. And like most newcomers she hopes to become a star. It’s a classic story of new talent verse old.

    Several classic songs come from the show such as “We’re in the Money” “Forty-Second Street” and “Lullaby of Broadway.” But it’s the amazing tap dancing scenes that wowed the audience had them moving in their seats. As soon as the curtain slowly rose in Act 1 to reveal the cast’s tap dancing feet the audience cheered. That moment was pure magic.

    Boca Raton audiences should love this look back on the 1930s, and if Wick continues to produce high quality shows such as this one, they should have no problem staying open for many seasons to come.

    Visit for tickets and prices.

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  • The last time you went riding, the weather was perfect.

  • And just like that – boom! – the awkwardness began. 

  • It starts early on. At first, it seems spontaneous: parents who enjoy their interests naturally display those passions to small children who are dragged along for the ride. The child observes and absorbs until one day, the parental interest becomes the child's obsession.

  • You spent days examining your life. 

  • Have you heard about...? It's true. You learned it from your best friend's husband's boss's wife at a neighborhood get-together last month and it was confirmed last weekend.

  • It's been a minute since you came out. 

  • The owner of a California mansion is suing gay porn mogul Michael Lucas after he rented the home to film a gay porn movie. The homeowner alleges Lucas and his crew left enemas, sex toys and bodily fluids around the rented mansion, according to a lawsuit, the New York Daily News reports.

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