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  • Gay filmmaker Wes Hurley’s inventive and captivating “Potato Dreams of America” (Darkstar), now available on Blu-ray, is the kind of movie another Wes (Anderson) would make if he was gay.

  • “Promising Young Woman” (Focus), the feature-length directorial debut by actress Emerald Fennell (Camilla Parker Bowles in “The Crown”) is a bit like an onion. It has many layers and it will make some people cry.

  • We have Rian Johnson and his critically acclaimed box office hit “Knives Out” to thank for the revival of the comedic murder mystery. Advance word on the sequel, “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” is that it’s as good as the original.

  • With no end to the COVID-19 pandemic in sight for the near future, college students have had to take a new and different approach to how they attend classes.

  • It doesn’t happen often, but it’s refreshing when a place embraces its identity, good or bad.

  • It’s probably nothing to be alarmed about, but in a few recent high-profile movies, gay characters are being killed off.

  • Since his 2002 breakout film “Yossi & Jagger,” which went from being a hit on the LGBT film festival circuit to gaining an even larger following via home video, gay Israeli filmmaker Eytan Fox has consistently made films of the highest quality.

  • Shortly before Benjamin (Cooper Koch) leaves town to start his gay porn career in Los Angeles, he and straight best friend Dom (Jose Colon) hang out in a Maine gay bar in Carter Smith’s “Swallowed” (All The Dead Boys Productions), now streaming on AppleTV+.

  • Every year, no, wait. Every month. No, that’s wrong, too. Every week, there seems to be more and more LGBT movies being released and available for streaming on-demand.

  • As personal and intimate as a Steven Spielberg movie gets, “The Fabelmans” (Universal/Amblin), co-scripted by Spielberg and gay writer Tony Kushner, arrives in theaters shortly after James Gray’s “Armageddon Time.”

  • We’ve all been misled by a movie trailer at one time or another.

  • Gay filmmaker Elegance Bratton’s feature-length debut “The Inspection” (A24) lets viewers know from the start that it’s “inspired by a true story.”

  • Based on the novel by gay writer Grant Ginder, the best way to describe the painfully unfunny movie version of “The People We Hate at the Wedding” is to say that it’s one of those movies that makes you feel less horrible about your own family.

  • For a while there, 21st-century movie adaptations of Broadway musicals were being given the Rob Marshall treatment.

  • For a number of years, “younger” music industry people have been calling our attention to older performers that some folks might have forgotten, rescuing them from the dustbin (or cutout rack) of obscurity.

  • “The True Adventures of Wolfboy” (Vertical Entertainment), the feature-length directorial debut of Martin Krejcí is a trans parable about self-acceptance and finding community.

  • To say that “When You Finish Saving The World” (A24), Jesse Eisenberg’s debut as a writer/director, is exactly the kind of movie one might expect from the Oscar-nominated actor is neither a compliment nor an insult.

  • It’s been nearly four decades since Kevin Bacon burst into stardom in “Footloose” and, in the years since, nearly everyone has established six degrees of separation from the actor.

  • Ronnie Larsen Presents and Plays of Wilton (POW!) take a dive into the cutthroat world of Olympic swimming with “Red Speedo,” Lucas Hnath’s 2016 Obie-winning drama playing at the Foundry through Dec. 30.

  • If you were the least bit disappointed by “Antebellum” (and let’s face it, who wasn’t?), then “Spiral” (, airing on AMC Network’s Shudder channel, might be more to your liking. By combining elements from classic modern horror influences, from Polanski to Peele, and adding some specifically queer twists, “Spiral” has the potential to make your head spin — in a good way.

  • Not sure what to read next? Or to give as a gift? Look no further than SFGN’s holiday reading and book giving guide

  • Doesn’t it seem like your gift list grows each year?

    One new member of the family by birth, three more by marriage. Two “adopted” kids who call you Mom or Dad just because. Friends who have become dear.  A new Secret Santa program. It adds up, as it subtracts from your holiday budget.

  • A maverick lawmaker broke from conservative government ranks on Monday to introduce legislation that would legalize gay marriage in Australia as a new opinion poll confirmed that most Australians support such a reform.

  • As you look back over your year, there are a lot of things you notice.

  • Two years after their divorce filing got entangled in Mississippi's efforts to prevent same-sex marriage, a judge Tuesday dissolved the legal union of Lauren Czekala-Chatham and Dana Ann Melancon.

  • The lifting of the Boy Scouts of America's ban on gay adult leaders prompted some gay Eagle Scouts to quickly rejoin the movement on Tuesday. But the Mormon church - the nation's largest sponsor of Scout units - warned that it may split away to form a global scouting organization of its own.

  • FARGO, N.D. (AP) — A pastor is leaving his post at a Fargo church due to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in June to legalize same-sex marriages nationwide.

  • "Best" of course is a relative term. From my vantage point, these are the best LGBT films of 2015. MIA are several films that I suspect would have made the list had I seen them: the lesbian dramas "Freeheld" and "Grandma," and the documentary "Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine" – I look forward to catching them on DVD.

  • A while ago we rated pizzas from a number of Wilton Manors restaurants. While those places all had their pluses and minuses, there are two new pizza places in Fort Lauderdale that are following a new business model. These restaurants are similar to many, such as the California-based chain Pieology, which follow the same format as Subway and Chipotle; you step up to the counter and pick the ingredients from fresh selections on display. The pizza is assembled right in front of you, popped into a super-heated oven and within 10 minutes, you’ve got your own personal pizza creation in front of you.

  • Up north, the temps have finally dropped and blizzard conditions are settling in and my email in-box starts to fill up with requests from friends to save them from the frigid temperatures.

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