Rabbi Noah Kitty

  • Faith: Finding The Right Path

    Everyone has a story that they tell themselves that serves as the foundation of their outlook on the world and their place in it. For Jews our story begins with Torah, aka the Hebrew Scriptures.

  • Faith: How Good We Have To Be

    Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are the twin towers of the Jewish High Holidays, also known as the Days of Awe. During the ten days that boundary them we are called, invited, cajoled, commanded and adjured to take stock of our behavior during the past year.

  • Faith: Our Spiritual Lives

    There are two major holiday seasons in Judaism, the High Holidays in the Fall and Passover/Shavuot in the Spring. Passover, the celebration of freedom from slavery is connected to Shavuot, the celebration of God’s gift of Torah on Mount Sinai by the Omer, the 49 day period between them during which we are invited to consider again our spiritual lives within the context of our history.

  • Faith: Overcoming Hate in Our Past, Present and Future

    While summertime brings thoughts of free time, vacations, trips and fun, for a three week period in Jewish tradition, roughly from mid July to mid August, it is a time of significant mourning that culminates on Tisha B’Av, which was observed  on Saturday night, August 12.

  • Faith: Pride

    Between June 12-21 I took my first trip to Israel in 25 years. I was fortunate to be invited to join the tour of A Wider Bridge,a North American organization working through education, advocacy, relationship-building and grant-making to create equality in Israel by expanding LGBT inclusion in Israel, and equality for Israel by cultivating constructive engagement with Israel.