Pride Center

  • Daddy’s and Ice Cream: Pride Center launches new social

    Are you looking for more than a soft serve?

  • Diversity Honors a Success but Tainted by Pride Scandal

    The fourth Diversity Honors took place at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida on April 27.

  • Diversity Honors to Recognize SAVE’s Tony Lima

    Tony Lima, executive director of SAVE, will be honored by the upcoming Diversity Honors taking place 7 p.m. Saturday, March 30 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood.

  • Equality Park Garden Club Dedication

    The Equality Park Garden Club will proudly dedicate its garden on Aug. 20 at 7:30 p.m. The public is invited to attend. This special dedication is years in the making.

  • Expo Helps Seniors Stay Healthy

    Hilary Gold likes to stay updated on her health care options. This is why she regularly attends the Pride Center’s annual Senior Health Expo.

  • Fitness Fans to Flock TheFitExpo in Fort Lauderdale

    Let’s get physical.

  • Gay History Forum at Pride Center 

    The Prime Gentlemen of Fort Lauderdale cater to the interests of gay seniors living in South Florida. The group, formerly known as the Fort Lauderdale Prime Times, originated in 2003, and now comprises over 600 members. 

  • Happy Hiney: Let’s Talk About Your Ass

    If it’s possible for a colorectal surgeon to be popular, then this guy is likely the one.

  • HIV Testing Resumes at the Pride Center

    South Florida continues to lead the country in new HIV infections. To help stem the tide of these new infections, the Pride Center in Wilton Manors is once again providing testing and will link people to medical resources and other helpful services. The staff provides information about staying negative with PrEP and gives out free condoms. 

  • Home Sweet Home: Affordable housing development for LGBT seniors coming to Wilton Manors

    If you love The Pride Center at Equality Park so much that you want to live there, you may soon get the chance to.

  • Home Sweet Home: Pride Center Celebrates Its 26thAnniversary

    Yesterday, we celebrated The Pride Center’s 26thanniversary. Today, we launch the construction process for The Residences at Equality Park. It’s a big week for The Center and — more importantly — for the community.  There is a lot to celebrate, but much still to do.

  • How Visible Are Bisexuals in South Florida?

    A lack of bisexual visibility is a common complaint from bisexual organizations and activists. Just including the B in LGBT isn’t enough. Bisexual programs need to stand on their own to increase awareness and visibility.

  • Hundreds of Thousands for Brazil Gay Parade, World's Biggest

    (AP) Hundreds of thousands of revelers gathered in Sao Paulo on Sunday for one of the world's largest gay pride parades with this year's event focusing on the threat of religious fundamentalism to Brazil's LGBT community.

  • Jesse's Journal: Pride Amid Diversity

    I have a confession to make: I missed my hometown Equality Rally for Unity and Pride in Fort Lauderdale. I was on my way south from gay summer camp when I got caught in a massive tie-up that stopped my car for hours; no surprise to all who have to drive on I-95 from Jacksonville and Miami. Looking back, I could have gone to the Rally in Nashville, which was close to the camp, or even to the National March in Washington, D.C. Or I could have gone to the Rally in West Palm Beach, had I known about it. But I tried to make it home on time, and I failed.

  • Jesse’s Journal: Coffee and Conversation Report

    The Pride Center’s “Coffee and Conversation” social was in full swing when it convened on the morning of Jan. 9.

  • Letter To The Editor

    In his Dec. 19  editorial, SFGN Publisher Norm Kent rightfully reminded us of the need to support low cost housing and reminded us against the NIMBY (not in my back yard) sentiments.  

  • Letter to the Editor: Children Do Not Regularly Use the Pride Center Playground

    Dear SFGN Editor:

    In your news articles about The Pride Center, you make the assertion more than once that children regularly use the playground there. This is factually inaccurate. The reality is that children very rarely (if ever) use that playground. And any parent of a young child who would permit their child to use that small, non-fenced playground (which is located with a parking lot on two sides) without adult supervision would be negligent. Everyone who uses The Pride Center regularly knows that the playground is not much more than a public relations stunt. 

  • Letter to the Editor: Mayor Dean Trantalis Responds to Pride Center Controversy

    These past several weeks our community has been challenged by the discovery that the Pride Center in Wilton Manors had hired a sexual predator who had served time for aggravated sexual assault on a minor. This was a terrible crime and the law required the perpetrator that upon his release, he was to have no interaction with children and to live a good distance away from them. This person failed to abide by the law and misrepresented himself to the Center when he sought and maintained his employment there.

  • Letter to the Editor: Pride Center Blasts SFGN; Calls Story ‘Fake News’

    Dear Editor,

    Yesterday morning, I received a call from a local Senior we’ll call “Ed.” He’s taken part in a few Pride Center programs. He frequently visits Poverello next door. He has a witty sense of humor and bad neuropathy in his feet. He’s also about to be priced out of his long-term local housing. He wanted me to sign him up for the “wait list” for Senior affordable housing on our campus. He was quite disappointed when I told him we’re still a couple years away from a wait list.

  • Letter to the Editor: Pride Center's Senior Housing

    Dear Sal:

    I read with interest your article entitled “Pride Center Needs to Come Out of the Closet.” I myself was quite disappointed with the Pride Center’s decision to build senior housing on the Pride Campus. And indeed, I terminated my participation in the Founders Circle because of it.