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  • (CNN) -- Former "Survivor" contestant Caleb Bankston has died while working on a coal train near Birmingham, Alabama, a railway official told CNN.

  • SFGN readers who get the chance to see the Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s production of the Tony Award-winning musical, Annie, which runs from Dec 3 through Dec 22, will have the good fortune to see a young gay actor named Schuyler Beeman. If his performance on stage is anywhere near his ebullience in a recent interview, Annie goers are in for an extra treat.

  • PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Former Portland Mayor Sam Adams is going to work for a Washington, D.C., environmental group, the World Resources Institute.

  • Homosexuality in Neapolitan culture is very fluid and polimorph. Femminielli or femmenielli (singular femminiello, cf. Standard Italian  femmina, "a female," -ello, masculine diminutive suffix) is a term used to refer to a population of homosexual males with markedly feminine gender expression in traditional Neapolitan culture.

  • Utah has long been known as a bastion of red-state conservatism with deep roots in the Mormon faith. It's the kind of place that has historically been unwelcoming to gay marriage.

  • CINCINNATI (AP) _ The city's first openly gay councilman is offering his support to youth who are struggling with being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

  • Attorney George Castrataro, in private practice since 2008, has never stopped giving large amounts of time to pro bono work and community service. He reacts strongly to cases involving victimization, predatory lending and lack of protections for LGBT couples.

  • On November 18, gay activist Gilbert Baker took to the streets to protest during Russia day at Wall Street. For the occasion, he sewed a 100-foot rainbow banner that required nearly 30 people to carry it. A message emblazoned on it read “Human rights Yes; Russian thugs Yes. NYSE WTF?” according to Baker.

    “The message is to make our point to the very people that are doing money trading there,” he said. “I think what’s going on with the Olympics, and what’s going on in Russia. I think it’s important to show that Russia isn’t good in terms of human rights.”

    Baker, 62, is a driver in LGBT advocacy and has used his sewing skills to raise global awareness. In 1978 in San Francisco, he constructed the rainbow flag with eight pieces of colored fabric. Each color stands for a meaning: pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for art, indigo for harmony, and violet for the human spirit. Eventually, Baker constructed the flag with six colors and stopped using pink and indigo.

    For Baker flags are about visibility and power as well as a beacon of hope. Before he created the rainbow flag, the sole gay symbol was the pink triangle that came out of Nazi Germany. Since this symbol had such a negative stigma Baker sought to give the community a symbol of hope with his rainbow flag.

    While Baker has seen advances in gay rights since he first got involved in marches and activism in the late ‘70s in San Francisco, he thinks there’s still a tremendous way to go.

    “We really have a global human rights problem. It’s not just Russia. Sure, it’s great to be gay in Miami, New York, in San Francisco, but it’s not possible to be gay in a lot of places,” he said. “Look at the gay situation in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Indonesia. We have a human rights problem, yes, we have made some progress, but we really have a long difficult struggle ahead.”

    “You can’t protest in Russia, but in America we yell and scream and make our point. The other side that hates an open sexual orientation says that we are going to hell. We also get backlash from gays that think we are rocking the boat. Gay people are not united, there’s class and race that divides us. But when you push buttons, you get pushed back. But it doesn’t stop me,” he shared.

    At times Baker looks at the struggle for equality and thinks he’s up against the impossible, even though he refuses to give up. “I feel like a lot of times that I’m not getting anywhere, and that the situation is hopeless, I feel that way often, but then I have to look at the global picture like the guy in Uganda wearing a rainbow scarf. Now that makes me happy,” he said. “I hope that the world will change for the better, but it’s not going to happen in my lifetime. I use my art to make statements that I can have fun with. I am happy when I’m sewing, making things, and on the street. I’m happy when I’m solving things and making art and not thinking about the world’s problems.”

    The small Kansas town bred activist lives in New York. While he’s known for creating beautiful banners and flags, he’s in the process of scoping out a new way to deliver his message for gay rights.

    “I’m looking into printing designs on streets. I love making giant flags, but they don’t last that long. Printing the flag image along a street has this horizon to horizon, sea to sea, larger than life appeal,” he said. “The problem with flags is they wear out. They don’t last – even my big flagpole projects. I love them but you have to constantly change them since they fade. Imagine printing my flag on asphalt, it’s more permanent. So that’s what I’m looking into now.”

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  • When Glen Weinzimer, founder of the SMART Ride, was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS in 1993, he did not expect to be one of the lucky few who managed to survive.

  • Gold medalist shares his story of living with HIV/AIDS

  • Houston Mayor Annise Parker has married longtime partner Kathy Hubbard in a sunset ceremony Thursday at a private residence in Palm Springs, Calif., Parker’s office announced.

  • MIAMI (AP) — In Richard Blanco's Miami, memories linger outside coffee windows and in Cuban grocery store aisles.

  • A terminally ill woman whose desire to have her same-sex marriage recognized by Indiana before she died helped galvanize efforts to overturn the state's gay marriage ban and has lost her battle with cancer.

  • (CNN) -- For years as he chased his dream, shooting hoops and racing up and down the court, professional basketball player Jason Collins wore the No. 98 jersey.

  •  She is one of the most recognizable faces of the Transgender movement. And she happily calls South Florida home.

  • Joe Pallant is a business savvy Miami Beach native who thought the fax machine was a brilliant idea. He obtained his MBA from the University of Miami. He’s a real estate broker and licensed property and casualty insurance agent for the state of Florida.

  • A real estate agent since the mid 90's, Castelli has built nothing short of a real estate empire and if there's one word to describe his accomplishments it would be “mogul.”

  • He’s young, battle tested and confident. Meet John Paul Alvarez, candidate for the Florida House of Representatives, District 100.

  • In October 2009 Jowharah Sanders founded National Voices for Equality, Education and Enlightenment (NVEEE), a community-based, non-profit organization whose mission is to prevent bullying, violence, and suicide among youth, families and communities through direct service, mentoring and prevention education.

  • LOS ANGELES (AP – Aug. 27, 2015) — A Justin Bieber look-alike has died. Tobias Strebel is a reality TV personality who claimed he spent $100,000 on plastic surgery to get the Bieber look was found dead in a Motel 6 room in Los Angeles.

  • Former high school senior arrested for underage sex with freshman has moved on

  • (CNN) -- Christmas Day nearly three years ago, one of Britain's best-known sports personalities woke up in a London park; two dogs were licking his face, a smashed bottle of wine lay by his side, and prescription pills were strewn across the ground.

  • At a young-looking 51-years-old, Ken Keechl stands out. Proud of his success in business and politics, Keechl and his partner of 17 years, Ted Adcock, were married in New York in 2011.

  • NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — African literary light Binyavanga Wainaina says he's known he was gay since he was 5 though he did not have a homosexual encounter until he was 39.

  • The Key West Business Guild introduced new Board officers, newly-elected Board members and annual award winners at its “State of the Guild Luncheon” earlier this month at the Reach Resort.

  • Playwright Kim Ehly is the leading voice in theater for South Florida’s lesbian community.

  • When you ask Kris Fegenbush what makes The Pride Center successful, you may want to sit down. It could take awhile.

  • HONOLULU - Lawyers for a former child model accusing 'X-Men' director Bryan Singer of sex abuse said Tuesday they want to get off the case because their relationship with the accuser has deteriorated.