Misty Eyez

  • Op-Ed:  Selecting The Best of The Best

    My brother, a psychologist, tells me that one of the most traumatic experiences people go through is choosing a new home.

  • Op-Ed: Misty Eyez, Trans Activist of the Year

    Misty Eyez has a logo on her home page which defines her identity. It is from Dr. Seuss, and few know more about life than the good doctor we loved as a child.

  • Out50: Misty Eyez

    Misty Eyez is enjoying her second act. The former drag queen (and SFGN Best Of winner for several years) traded in the nightlife at Lips, Boardwalk, and other top venues for a new career.  Shes now the director of womens program & education and case manager for transgender services at Sun Serve.