Letter To Editor


    I know that you think you have had a hard life. I know that you feel the need to celebrate your straightness, with parades, etc.  That is your right as an American citizen.

  • Letter To Editor: We Need Safety on The Drive 

    Dear Editor:

    During construction on Wilton Drive this past winter, care was not taken to help pedestrians navigate the challenging terrain. Many could be seen climbing through construction areas and ducking under hazard tape into the street amidst oncoming traffic. 

  • Letter To Editor: With Love to Andrew Gillum as a Flawed Man & a Christian

    Having heard from multiple friends (who are otherwise not remotely engaged politically) in the last 72 hours about the scandalous nature of this, I think this bears hearing in our community. A pause for compassion is needed.

  • Letters: Log Cabin Repubs Slam Dolphin Dems Over Trump 

    Without a doubt, President Donald Trump is the most Pro-Gay Republican President in History. As a matter of fact, Trump has been more openly supportive of gay rights than former President Obama was when he was first elected in 2008, or President Clinton during his eight years in office.