Key West

  • The new dates for the next Smart Ride will be January 19 and 20. The event had been originally scheduled to take place Nov. 17-18, but Hurricane Irma forced organizers to postpone the two-day 165-mile bicycle ride from Miami to Key West.

  • Nutcracker Key West returns! This enchanting holiday production will be performed December 10th to December 18th at the Tennessee Williams Fine Arts Center. Eight public performances are scheduled, with professional dancers from around the world joining 60 of our own community performers to retell this beloved holiday tale.

  • It was forty years ago this week that I moved from New York to Florida, from New York City to Key West.

  • Caspian Cassidy is a senior at Key West High School. He is engaged in a dual enrollment program with the local community college in anticipation of finishing at a university and starting a career in food technology.

  • Susan Kent was working as the general manager for a regional airline when she was transferred to Key West in 1991. She fell in love immediately! Kent loved that a person’s actions here are more important than the size of their home or the number of zeros at the end of their paycheck.

  • On the day after the Pulse massacre, a prominent image for many Key Westers was that of the Rev. Steve Torrence and his husband John Hernandez leading an emotional group to the water’s edge. Pride was wrapping up on the island but for many, the party could wait. Torrence spoke a few words before his husband placed a wreath of soft white flowers into the waves. From AIDS patient advocate to Animal Shelter supporter to keeper of the peace, Torrence has been ministering to the whole community.

  • Thirty-eight years ago Key West Pride existed as just a singular trot up the iconic Duval Street in celebration of the LGBTQ community. There was little more on the agenda than an amazing coming together of a tight-knit community to show the strength and unity of people of all shapes, types, and sizes.

  • Police in Key West are investigating an incident of harassment that occurred in the early morning hours last Thursday.

  • Key West welcomes thousands of visitors each year. Tourism is the lifeblood of the island paradise. But when the guests stopped coming, Key West came together. 

  • It’s well-known that Key West’s geography and character are considered unique for residents. Those calling it home know its politics are unique, too — as is first-term mayor, Teri Johnston. 

  • The recent announcement by Pride South Florida that it will hold just one weekend of festivities this year is still being processed by much of South Florida’s LGBT community, but questions are beginning to bubble to the surface.

  • September is typically the quiet month in Key West.

  • Dangerously high temperatures are expected to pass through Key West in August as part of Tropical Heat – the annual Key West celebration featuring all-male adult fun. Four days of drinking, partying and sheer entertainment – there’s no better way to have fun in Key West. If you like your parties and your men hot, this is the place to be.

  • Just after midnight at the South County Courthouse in Delray Beach, Palm Beach County Clerk Sharon Bock married more than five dozen couples in a group ceremony that took place in front of the “Freedom Shrine.”

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