• Screen Savor: Resistance Is Futile

    No doubt more than a few people were surprised by “Rosewater,” the 2014 directorial debut by comic genius Jon Stewart, former host of “The Daily Show.” The movie, for which Stewart also wrote the screenplay, was extremely serious and intense, based on the true story of a journalist, suspected of being a spy, who is detained and interrogated in Iran. With “Irresistible” (Focus), his second feature-length movie as director and writer, Stewart lightens the mood considerably with biting comedy, still managing to get his points across. “Irresistible”’s subject matter, the political divide, which has never seemed wider, has long been a popular movie subject, increasingly so in the 21st century. Movies such as “Swing Vote,” “Long Shot” and “The Oath,” as well as the cable series in “Veep” and the streaming Netflix series “The Politician”, all fit under the same increasingly crowded umbrella as “Irresistible.”