• The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the world’s largest HIV/AIDS organization is bringing a safe sex message to stages across the South, as a part of its International Condom Day campaign.

  • KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — Religious activists, students and colleagues gathered outside Jamaica's biggest university Monday to protest the firing of an HIV expert who testified on behalf of church groups defending an anti-sodomy law.

  • (WB) The situation for people with HIV/AIDS in Puerto Rico remains precarious three months after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.

  • (WB) An organization that delivers meals to people with HIV/AIDS in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico has been without electricity for more than two months.

  • With the winter holiday season rapidly approaching, everyone wants to get a head start on buying the right gifts.

  • The U.S. government has confirmed the first-ever case of HIV transmission between two women. The rare case of lesbian transmission of the Human immunodeficiency virus caused a stir worldwide over the weekend when details were released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • Rampant murder, high-risk behavior, and low HIV testing rates make Colombia a very dangerous place for the LGBT community.

  • For World AIDS Day has launched The Red Reminds Me photo contest to help fight the stigma of living with HIV. They’re asking readers to share a photo that incorporates the color red, while sharing their opinions about the current state of HIV and how it affects them using the hashtag #RedRemindsMe on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  • First in the spotlight as the U.S. Supreme Court begins its new session Oct. 4 is the seemingly precarious state of the right to abortion, an issue LGBT groups have long considered to be of “vital importance” to LGBT people.

  • As of Sept. 30 Florida held 22 people in prison under HIV Criminalization (HC) laws. Of those 22 inmates, courts sentenced five only for violating HC Laws. Courts sentenced 12 for related charges as well as HC charges. Courts sentenced another five for “HIV-positive has sex, two or more violations.”

  • In December 2015, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) issued its annual Ryan White Care (RWC) program report for 2014. It shows dramatic success in two areas.

  • In June and July of 2015, SFGN conducted an on-line and paper and pencil survey on the beliefs of gay and bi men about how often we should take the HIV test. The large number of people responding from outside of South Florida allowed for a comparison of South Florida with the rest of the US.

  • You didn’t want to look.

  • Playwright and producer Ronnie Larsen is best known for his racy, gay-themed sex romps: “Making Porn,” “Cocksucker: A Love Story,” “All-Male Peep Show,” “Bathhouse the Musical.” Nearly all feature gratuitous frontal nudity and most regularly sell out extended runs to the mostly older, male gay audiences resident in South Florida.

  • MOSCOW -- On a frigid evening on the outskirts of Moscow, two HIV-prevention activists unzip backpacks, pull out packs of hypodermic needles and start discretely approaching people leaving a nearby pharmacy with an offer that could save their lives.

  • After cracking down on its LGBT citizenry last where, when President Vladimir Putin signed the controversial "homosexual propaganda" law, it looks like some Russian lawmakers are taking aim at HIV-positive individuals.

  • LGBT Chechens can rest easy knowing that a general who was responsible for torturing and murdering queer people was killed in the war in Ukraine Feb. 26.

  • On May 22, 2014 the Broward County HIV Health Planning Council (HIVPC) voted to revise their bylaws and changed the structure for planning HIV services in Broward. Before that vote, Ryan White Care (RWC) Part A and B grantees co-chaired the committees that planned local HIV services. RWC Part A funds medical services. RWC Part B funds non-medical services and two important programs: the AIDS Insurance Continuation Program (AICP) and the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). RWC Parts A and B grantees appeared to have co-equal status.

  • SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Former Utah lawmaker Jackie Biskupski on Tuesday became the first openly gay mayor of Salt Lake City, the capital of the conservative state where the Mormon church and a small town judge delivered setbacks last week to the LGBT community.

  • (EDGE) As part of their move to address the mental health concerns of its clients, The San Antonio AIDS Foundation (SAAF) has appointed licensed counselor Francisco J. Ramirez as the agency's first-ever mental health counselor.

  • A San Diego man has pleaded no contest to intentionally infecting his former boyfriend with HIV.

  • (WB) Editor’s note: This is part one of a two-part interview with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz the Washington Blade conducted on Nov. 1, 2017, at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center in D.C.

    The mayor of the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan on Wednesday said her government is doing everything it can to help people with HIV/AIDS in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

  • With voting underway in Florida, political action groups are ramping up efforts to mobilize the vote. 

  • In a narrative changing announcement Wednesday, researchers exonerated Gaétan Dugas, a.k.a. Patient Zero, from starting the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

  • A new study in Science magazine traces the origins of the current HIV pandemic to 1920s Kinshasha, in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • (CNN) -- The first time, it happened almost by accident.

    Just hours after delivery, a baby born with HIV in Mississippi was given high doses of three antiretroviral drugs. More than three years later, doctors say the little girl has no evidence of the life-threatening disease in her blood, despite being off medication for nearly two years.

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that people aged 55 and older accounted for 26 percent of the estimated 1.2 million people living with diagnosed or undiagnosed HIV infection in the United States in 2013. In older adults, HIV is too often diagnosed late in the course of the infection, leading to shorter HIV-to-AIDS intervals. CDC reports that in 2014, 40 percent of people aged 55 and older were diagnosed with AIDS at the time of HIV diagnosis.

  • The Ryan White Care (RWC) program requires its programs to have local advisory bodies. South Florida AIDS Network (SFAN) acts as the advisory body for the RWC programs of the Florida Department of Health (FL-DOH) in Broward County. SFAN’s monthly meetings are open to the public.

    While most SFAN meetings occur on Friday mornings, several times a year SFAN schedules its meetings on Thursday evenings. These meetings focus on reports to the community at-large. On October 5, Dr. Jeffrey Beal, Dr. Noah Lee, and Dr. Mark Schweizer spoke to the SFAN meeting. Beal spoke about the state “Test and Treat” program, Lee spoke about Hepatitis C, and Schweitzer spoke about oral health.

  • (CNN) -- It was confirmed Tuesday that actor Charlie Sheen has been living with HIV for more than four years and has paid "countless millions" to "unsavory" women to keep them from exposing his condition to the world.