• A gorgeous head of curly hair is bold and daring. It is a proud mop of organized chaos atop your head that makes cocky statements like, “I look good,” and, “You know you want to touch me.” Humidity is the first to agree, but we all know how that turns out.

    When it comes to curly hair, humidity is the enemy. Whether the hair is long or short, flowing free or styled in a man braid, men with curly locks face the same fate – frizz. You might start the day with hair like that of an A-list celebrity and end the day with hair like someone from a 1970s funk band. 

    Maintaining curly hair can definitely drive you crazy. Don’t let it. Here are six do’s and don’ts to help you manage your curls in Miami’s hot and humid summer weather. 

    1. Don’t Forget Haircuts
    Split ends contribute to frizzy hair, so don’t neglect to visit the barber or salon every six to eight weeks. But, remember to just trim the ends. Humidity makes curls even curlier, meaning a short hair cut may style even shorter than you want.

    2. Don’t Over-wash
    Sodium lauryl sulfate is the ingredient in shampoo that actually cleans the hair, but it can also leave it dry and frizzy. Go for a shampoo with no sulfates in the ingredients and wash less often. Wash fine hair every two or three days, and wash thicker hair every three or four days.

    3. Do Moisturize and Condition
    When curls have enough moisture they behave so much better. Use a good conditioner after shampooing, and even on days when you don’t shampoo, rinse and condition anyway. Once a week, use a deep condition to fight frizz.

    4. Do Rinse in Cold Water
    Hot shower with a cold rinse? Sounds like a bad idea, but rinsing your hair with cold water smooths and locks your cuticle. The result is hair that is shinier, sleeker and less frizzy and has fewer flyaway strands. 

    5. Do Style Right
    Sometimes you need to pick a style that works with your activities. Let’s say you’re at the beach for a swim, why not wear a man bun or a man braid? While it’s tempting to let those curls flow free, once you leave the sun and surf you could be left with a frizzy mess.

    6. Don’t Touch Your Hair
    Style and stop! Guys love to run their hands through their hair, but the more you touch curls the frizzier they get. Hands off is the key with curls, which goes for you and anyone having trouble resisting your luscious mane.

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  • Coming out as nonbinary, I didn’t think hair would be such an issue for me. And yet, here I am.