• Brando Laid Bare: Book Explores Actor’s Sexuality

    There's little left out of William J. Mann's superb biography of Marlon Brando. In The Contender: The Story of Marlon Brando, Mann gets into the psyche of the late screen icon and lets readers know what made Brando tick.

  • Drag Queen, Taina Norell, Serves Up ‘HD Drag on Demand’ Saturday

    Breaking news! Karen Smith, aka Reporter Thunderpuss, is about to spill the tea on the world of entertainment and give the lowdown on what’s happening during this crazy quarantine. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure who Smith is, or why she’s known as Thunderpuss. You can find out on Saturday.

  • HBO Max Brings Ballroom Runway to Your Living Room

    HBO Image

    Fans of FX’s retro ballroom drama “Pose” may be waiting months for the next season, but HBO Max is offering a flashy vogueing fix with a new reality competition.

  • Jackie Cox-Bringing Her Culture to the Drag Race Runway & How Collaboration Keeps Her Creative During Quarantine

    With a suitcase full of Middle Eastern garments and Lisa Rinna dusters, Jackie Cox has made a long-lasting impact on this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, even if she made it just shy of the Top 3 contestants. Bringing her Middle Eastern flair (and message) into the competition, Cox served as an inspiration to viewers and gave a voice to a community that truly needs it. We sat down as the world started to open up, and we talked about her family’s reaction to her Drag Race story, and why supporting artists, especially now is beyond important.
  • Queerly Digital: Sorry Angel

    Welcome to Queerly Digital, a regular column about LGBT cinema on DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming platforms.

  • The (Very) Good, the (Not So) Bad and the (Downright) Ugly

    If the prospects of another month of shelter-in-place orders have you down, you can always turn to the television to pass the hours between Zoom happy hours and scrolling your Facebook or Twitter feed.

  • Widow Von'Du Finished Her "Drag Race" Run, But Her Future Is Hardly “Rapped” Up

    Straight out of Kansas City MO, Widow Von’Du kicked off this season of Drag Race with a scorching lip sync against Gigi Goode (and in front of guest judge Nicki Minaj) that let us know that this Midwest queen meant business. Widow slowly emerged as both a talented and truthful competitor, holding her fellow sisters accountable for their various infractions or comments. While her run on the show has ended, Von’Du is ready to take on the music world. I sat down for a chat with the Missouri queen to talk about her run on Drag Race, being the Greek chorus of the season, and why a rap career might be the next stop for her career.