• Pets: Apollo

    Poor Apollo (ID 627605) hasnt had the best life.  He was adopted as a little pup two years ago from another shelter and lived his life in the backyard.  

  • Pets: Attila

    Nine week old Attila (ID 615900) came all the way from Puerto Rico to find her forever family. This adorable cutie is curious and playful and will need plenty of training, so be sure you have time to devote to her.

  • Pets: Cana

    Four-year-old, 50-pound Cana (ID 622080) is a fun-loving gal who likes to meet new people and enjoys cuddling.

  • Pets: Gus

    If you want a really big dog, Gus 623366) is waiting to meet you. 

  • Pets: LULU

    Lovely Lulu (ID 612641) hopes you’ll take her home. This one year old gal is sweet, loving and likes to hang out wherever you are. She might be a little shy when she first moves in, but give her a few days to adjust and then she will be your BFF.

  • Pets: Maxie

    Can 5-year-old Maxie (ID 616872) be part of your family? This gal, with the great smile, is good with kids ages 5 and up. She also enjoys the company of other dogs, but will do best in a home without felines since she likes to chase them.

  • Pets: Rosie

    If you’re looking for a mellow gal, who enjoys sunbathing and being pet…look no further six year old Rosie (ID 609186) is the gal for you. This sweetheart is 44 pounds of pure love.

  • Pets: Samantha

    Lovely Samantha (ID 481599) hopes you’ll take her home.  Sadly her owner passed away and now she is all alone.