• If you are a loyal reader of this publication, I can pretty much guarantee, given the option, you would rather people describe you as “fabulous” instead of “basic.”

  • Sitting, standing, lying down, or swinging from the ceiling, the well designed “Kink” room accommodates H/his H/her or T/their needs when entertaining special guests. If you desire ease of access, require absolute restraint, or need some discreet storage, this collection offers something for your pleasure.

    *All items listed, also available through Etsy unless otherwise noted


    The Throne

    Whether high and mighty or down and dirty, these thrones serve a powerful demonstration of who sits on top. Variations on the “open-air” Kinging or Queening throne, include the enclosed Smotherbox.


    “Queening Throne”

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    * cushions in black, burgundy, red ,blue, or purple

    * wood color in natural, cherry, mahogany, and black



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    From Funtasies, Spain, available through Etsy

    An exceptional upgrade to the Smotherbox the discreet “Funcube” includes mirrored paneling, LED lights, stereo sound, and remote.

    *upholstery, chocolate, black, or white

    *steel, black, or red


    The Table

    Your table elements can range from industrial, surgical, metal to a vintage inspired wood and leather or a more altar like and somber stone. The idea is that the table sit higher than a coffee or dining room table, closer to waist or chest height, where one can more easily manipulate their tools and toys.


    “Ultimate Movable One piece Dungeon w/ Arm rests and inversion table”

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    From LegionBDSM, Jacksonville

    This versatile “one-piece dungeon” can serve as a table, and as a Saint Andrew’s Cross, and can shift between horizontal and vertical positions.

    *available in black or red


    The Saint Andrew’s Cross

    The Saint Andrew’s Cross has a striking visual that makes it a classic favorite. The tall X-shaped frame features restraint points at the wrists and ankles and waist. Restrained face up is the preferred position for teasing, face down for discipline. Subjects may be secured right side up or upside down. A variation to look for is the Catherine’s Wheel, which spins.


    “Legion Heavy Dungeon Cross”




    From LegionBDSM, Jacksonville

    *padding available in black leather, black, red, white, or cream vinyl

    *see listing for woodstain options


    The Sex Swing or Sling

    A Sex Swing/Sling can be mounted over the back of a door, to an independent structure, or hook directly into your ceiling. Door-mounted slings are good for small spaces, renters and travellers. But because they’re mounted over the back of a closed door, are used for bracing rather than suspension and offer limited access.


    “Sling Frame Kit Leather”

    600x600 Sling sexe


    $400 (frame only); $899 (frame plus leather)




    A bondage swing takes the support of a sling and modifies it with restraints likes cuffs and harnesses

    A frame mounted swing does well in an open setting. Within a private space, installing your swing directly into the ceiling or other structural support will save room. And the hook points can be used to hang a planter or other décor when the swing is stored.


    Toy Storage

    Investing in some stylish storage will help keep your toys and tools in order, within easy reach, or neatly tucked away.


    “TB-XL Adult Toy Storage Trunk”

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    From ToyBoxxx Studio, NY, Etsy

    For toys to fill your trunk with, or the right outfit for the occasion, visit two of our favorite neighborhood shops, LeatherWerks on 1226 N.E. 4th Ave. and Fetish Factory on 855 E. Oakland Park Blvd., both in Fort Lauderdale.


    Finally, If you don’t want your Kink Room *looking* like a dungeon, you may want to play with a few accents, like lighting or fabrics. For the first check out our story Let There Be Light. For the fabrics, one site that might suit your tastes is

  • How do you define your grizzly side? If you really want to “bear” your true colors, take a look at these suggestions for turning your den into a true cave of wonders.

  • Are you a drag queen with needs? You deserve your very own room to perfect your look. Be the queen of the castle with these must-have drag essentials.

  • Any geek’s home isn’t complete without a game cave to sit back and relax in on your day off. To complete your perfectly designed gaming sanctuary, these five items are must-haves.


    Nintendo Switch

    bundle color console


    Nintendo’s latest gaming console is the Nintendo Switch, a gayming essential for adults whether you prefer solo play or a game night with a group of friends. Pop in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” or “1-2-Switch” for hours of entertainment.


    LG Super UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV



    A game cave without a 4K television is like a drag queen without her makeup. Experience your games the way they were meant to be played with a HD LG television. And since it’s a smart television, you can enjoy a wave of extra features.


    Keith Wireless Video Gaming Chair

    Wade LoganC2AE Keith Wireless Video Gaming Chair


    Treat yourself to a deluxe experience with a completely wireless gaming chair with built-in speakers. It’s easily connected to a home theatre system or a gaming console, complete with a side control panel to adjust volume, connect to a headset and more.


    Roly Poly Rocking Whiskey Glasses



    Let’s be real: Things tend to get a little rambunctious when adrenaline levels soar. Don’t risk knocking over your drink — try a spill-proof whiskey glass instead. The glass’s design lets it roll in a circular motion instead of ever tipping over.


    Danby Compact Kegerator

    danby dkc052bsldb 003


    No gayming cave is ever complete without a refrigerator, but if you’re truly daring, go all out with a kegerator. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a fridge designed to hold a keg of your favorite cold beer.

  • Is tree hugging not enough? Bring your environmental advocacy home with these products that are sure to make your home eco-friendly without sacrificing style.


    Chairish — Making secondhand buying less tacky


    Chairish is a company that scours flea markets and vintage stores to find furniture, decor and more in order to refurbish and stylize for resale. Many items are updated to look more modern and tasteful — with a price tag to match. Items on the Chairish site can get up to two or three thousand dollars. However, the site also has frequent sales — bringing premium prices down to a few hundred dollars for the nicer pieces.


    ColorHouse paint — Color without the chemicals

    ColorHouse THRIVE

    Not only will the natural hues of ColorHouse paint give your space a natural look, but it will do so without the harmful chemicals, toxins, fumes and pollutants that come with a regular can of paint. ColorHouse offers rich shades of green, vibrant colors inspired by flowers and soothing browns, whites and greys sure to highlight your room’s environment. Gallon cans sell for $45.


    Coyuchi — “Some of the softest fabrics you can get your hands on”


    Less than one percent of the world’s cotton is organically grown, making the search for truly natural textiles a headache. Look no further — Coyuchi makes all of their blankets, bedding, mattresses and more from 100 percent organic cotton, wool from family-owned Canadian sheep and other organic materials. You can get a completely organic striped wool blanket for $198 on their website.


    Lite + Cycle — Feel-Good (and Smell-good) lighting


    LED lights are a must when energy conservation is your goal — they produce a noticeably smaller electric footprint when compared to regular light bulbs that helps the environment and your electric bill. However, nothing can beat an inexistent electric footprint.

    Lite + Cycle candles aim to bring the highest quality scent to your home without leaving any waste behind. The candles use non-GMO vegetable wax and high-grade essential oils to produce a natural, captivating scent that fills the whole room. Pillar candles start at $24 and can reach as much as $78.


    Tuft & Needle — Sleep responsible



    Organic doesn’t have to mean compromise. Tuft & Needle offer eco friendly mattresses for reasonable prices that consistently receive top reviews on amazon. Tuft & Needle mattresses use adaptive foam that forms to every body and adjustment, and is made with environmentally responsible materials, which means your carbon footprint won’t keep you up at night. A Tuft & Needle Queen size will set you back $600 — you can also opt for a $500 full or a $750 king.

  • The kitchen is not unlike the bedroom, you can’t get good results unless you’ve got the proper equipment. And while Mother Nature and genetics are responsible for the equipment you need in the bedroom, what’s necessary to make you into a kitchen magician is easily attainable at any home goods store. Below is a baker’s dozen of essential tools that every chef needs, followed by a few gadgets that will make your life easier (hey, maybe it isn’t that different than the bedroom after all!)

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  • The problem with many apartments is that they’re generic. You can personalize your space easily, but if you’re renting you don’t want to spend too much money on a place that isn’t yours. Your property owner will also want you to restore the space to the same condition it was before you moved in (even if you think it’s an improvement, your property owner may not think so). Here are some easy fixes that are just as easy to remove should you decide to move on.

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