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  • (CNN) -- Michael Sam, an All-American defensive lineman from the University of Missouri, publicly revealed that he's gay Sunday, creating the possibility he'll be the first openly gay player drafted by the National Football League.

  • Michael Sam, the first openly gay player in the National Football League, revealed to GQ this month that he didn't really want to come out the way he did - just before the NFL draft; but said he has "no regrets" about his decision, Page Six points out.

  • A high school student from Circle Pines, Minn., says he received a death threat Tuesday, six weeks after coming out on Facebook, Fox’s Minnesota affiliate station, KMSP-TV reports.

    Ryan Eichenauer, a senior at Centennial High School, said he found an anonymous and threatening letter in his English class Tuesday, which sparked a police investigation.

    "I’m really proud to be out and be myself. I get to do what I want without having to hide anymore," he told KMSP-TV. He added that the letter won’t send him back in the closet.

    "I know there are going to be people in life who don’t agree with it. But that’s who I am," he said.

    Just before New Year’s Day, Eichenauer posted a video on Facebook to tell his friends and family that he has attractions to men.

    "I don’t like the term ’coming out’ because I’m not coming out. I am letting the world in," he says in the clip. He also says he doesn’t believe in labels and has been and always will be attracted to girls.

    The letter Eichenauer found Tuesday is the second threatening letter he has received since posting the video on Facebook. The student says the letters "make me sick."

    KMSP-TV reports that the letter attacks the teen’s sexuality and says, "I can’t wait for the day that I get to walk over your grave and if you don’t put yourself there, I will be glad to. Just do us all a favor and do it soon. Kill yourself already."

    Part of the letter also reads:

    I see there are many others who also want you dead. Good. And it’s not just the two of us who have decided to speak up. It’s everyone. [...] like you don’t deserve to live in this world. Innocent people die every day, but the scum of the earth like you gets to live? [...] that. That is about to change. No one likes the fact that you are alive. No one likes the way you show your sexuality. You are a [...] sinner. Someone should do something about it...I will. I am not a coward. I protect the house of god from [...] like you."

    Eichenauer reported the letter to the police, saying that his "emotions are overwhelming" and that he is "a little scared."

    "It’s harassment.. We take harassment very seriously. And it was threatening," principal Tom Breuning told the news station.

    Breuning told KMSP-TV that the school district, along with police, have launched investigations into the incident.

    "Whoever is behind it, it’s unacceptable. And the safety of all our students is of paramount importance to us," Breuning added.

    Eichenauer said after finding the first letter, he cried a lot, even though the first letter was less threatening than the second.

    "Is this what I am going to get forever, from now on?" Eichenauer asked.

    Watch Eichenauer’s video below:

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  • NEW YORK (AP) — Dale Scott figures he'll hear plenty of foul language from angry hitters next season. Such is life for a Major League Baseball umpire.

  • More than 6 million Americans have come out on Facebook since it was founded in 2004, including 800,000 within the last year alone, the social network announced in a report released Oct. 15.

  • It was 26 years ago on October 11 that half a million people walked in the March on Washington a second time, fighting for lesbian and gay rights. On the anniversary of that day ever since, LGBT activists have celebrated National Coming Out Day to encourage acceptance and living an open life.

  • — Veteran NBA referee Bill Kennedy has told Yahoo Sports he is gay after Sacramento Kings guard Rajon Rondo directed a gay slur at him during a game.

  • Coming out could risk your job, but nearly half of educators would support it.

  • In commemoration of National Coming Out Day, (October 11) SFGN recalls a few brave souls who dared to venture out of the closet long before it was safe or acceptable to do so. We salute their courage.

  • (EDGE) Mark Foster, an Olympic British swimmer who set several world records, came out as gay in a new interview with Winq.

  • SYDNEY (AP) — Five-time Olympic swimming gold medalist Ian Thorpe for the first time publicly confirmed that he is gay during a television interview on Sunday, ending years of speculation about his sexuality.

  • Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy the support he's received after coming out as gay has been "amazing."

  • (CNN) -- What did you do this weekend?

  • Sunday night, Missouri defensive end Michael Sam announced that he is gay.

  • Editor's note: This was a column written last year before the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing same-sex marriage in the U.S.

  • (CNN) -- Over the course of my career at BP, from trainee to chief executive, I led two separate lives. The first one involved being the public face of one of the world's largest companies. The second was my private life as a gay man.

  • Liam Davis is spilling the details of a big surprise.

  • For Orlando resident and pro-wrestler Mike Parrow, coming out to the public as gay was a long journey. However, in a candid interview the wrestler got personal about how his partner led him to accepting himself.

  • PRINCETON, N.J. — One of college football's oldest programs has its first openly gay player.

  • One legendary skateboarder is breaking the norms of the male-dominated hyper-masculine world of skateboarding by coming out as gay.

  • As a follow-up to a column we published in 2014 “Famous Actors Who Never Came Out, And A Few Who Finally Did,” SFGN takes a look back on Queers who made their mark in the film and theater industries of generations past.

    Related: Famous Actors Who Never Came Out, And A Few Who Finally Did

    Many of these actors were forced to live in the closet or face banishment from their professions--but some did manage to venture out.

  • There’s now a gay face in the hyper-masculine sport of racing.

  • (CNN) -- The first step is always the hardest -- but the second is just as challenging.

  • COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) _ Michael Sam received a standing ovation when he appeared on the arena video boards during Missouri's basketball game against Tennessee on Saturday.

  • DELL RAPIDS, S.D. (AP) — A volleyball and baseball coach at St. Mary High School in Dell Rapids who has publicly announced he's gay says he feels elated, though he worries it might affect his employment at the private Catholic school.

  • Over the past 10 years, Shawn Thomas has received critical acclaim and recognition for his music and his service to the community. He’s made a name for himself in the Contemporary Christian music world by not only being an out singer and songwriter, but for sharing his story of coming to terms with his sexuality and his faith.

  • PHOENIX (AP) — A veteran Arizona lawmaker who was a vocal critic of a bill that touched off a national debate over discrimination came out as gay on Wednesday, saying "I wanted to let everyone know I am gay, I'm a Latino and I'm a state senator and it's OK."

  • he world's second strongest man showed a different kind of strength on October 20, when he came out as gay on Facebook, and the sports world is heralding this champion.

  • TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) — Arizona State offensive lineman Edward Sarafin has told a local magazine he is gay, making him the first active Division I football player to come out.

  • Embattled Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis having gay friends sounds like an oxymoron. But according to the woman herself, she has a few GBFFs.

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