come out

  • Canadian Olympic Swimmer Comes out in online essay

    (WB) An Olympic athlete has come out as gay in an emotional online essay.

  • Celebs Who Came Out In 2018

    ‘Glee’s’ Kevin McHale, YouTube’s Anna Akana, Singer Betty Who and more 

  • Longtime UK Morning Host Comes out as Gay

    (WB) A beloved UK television host has come out as gay, prompting the LGBT equality charity Stonewall to call his revelation a “massive moment” both for him and for society.

  • Rosario Dawson Comes out While Discussing Relationship With Cory Booker

    (WB) Actress Rosario Dawson, who has in the past made public comments that have created confusion about her sexuality, has now officially come out… sort of.

  • Stormy Daniels Comes Out as bisexual

     During a Twitter feud between Stormy Daniels’ attorney and right-wing commentator Tomi Lahren, Daniels came out as bisexual. 

  • To Come Out or Not to Come Out? 

    WB) Harvey Milk once said, “You must come out … and once and for all, break down the myths, destroy the lies and distortions.” What exactly does it mean to “come out?” A lot of modern definitions speak of coming out as a process. Often the first step is coming out to oneself and over time one may choose to tell their friends, family and people in the community. But the choice to open up with some people in one’s life, but not with others, should remain with oneself. There is a stark difference in the two statements.

  • U.K. Bisexual People Find it Hard to Come Out at Work

    While gay and lesbian individuals in the United Kingdom don’t have much trouble being out at work, bisexual people are finding it harder, according to Financial Times.