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  • (SS) Students at Western High School in Davie joined high schools around the state in protesting Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill on Friday, holding what was meant to be a peaceful walkout.

  • A Black woman was swimming. The police were called. She was kicked out.

  • The City of Greenwood, Indiana was established in 1864.

  • A good first step to taking a trip is deciding where you want to go. Once a fun gay destination is defined a good next step might be to consult a map to see how you get to the chosen place.

  • Taxes are paid all day long every time you spend: sales taxes, use taxes, value-added taxes, shipping taxes, resale taxes, payroll taxes, social security taxes, Medicare taxes, state and federal unemployment taxes, income taxes, intangible taxes, property taxes, utility taxes, telephone taxes, registration fees, license fees and on and on. 

  • Here you can find helpful information on managing money such as spending less, eliminating credit card debt, funding for retirement, and more.

  • So far, 2017 has been one hell of a ride. June is already here, which means that it is time to get moving on my “To Do List” for 2017. Almost half a year is gone, and the second half has a habit of going by at a much faster pace. The arrival of June also reminds me to take some time out to celebrate the Summer Solstice later this month, making a Midsummer Night’s Dream by stirring up some merriment and awakening the spirit of mirth. 

  • Last year as I rode the train from NYC along the Jersey coast to visit my father, I wrote an article about the reasons for candidate Trump’s populist rise to the top. 

  • As you likely read this, the 101st annual Florida Realtors convention is in progress up to Orlando. Three days of workshops, presentations, and a trade show, followed by two days of committee and governance meetings. Realtors getting a little party on, with some professional components.

  • Summer 2017 is over, schools are back in session, the Fall holidays are fast approaching, and life here in Wilton Manors has just kicked it up a notch. Yes folks, it’s time for my annual warning that Christmas is just around the corner. Think I am crazy? Well, the next few months are jammed packed with activity; and if you think 2017 has been racing by, hold on to your hat because the ride is about to get a lot faster.
    As our city government, along with local non-profits, schools, and others swing back into action from a slower summer pace, calendars have been filling up fast. After September, we have the Jewish Holidays, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, and right into the Christmas holiday season and the end of the year. Before you know it, we will be singing Old Lang Syne and 2018 will be well on its way.

  • (SS) Broward voters made history Tuesday, both in how we vote, and in who will likely lead the criminal justice system in this Democratic-rich, majority-minority county. 


    We hear the chanting. We hear the rhetoric. We are beginning to realize the need and the importance. We are beginning to understand that to do nothing is no longer an option. The problem is on the rise. The invaders are causing havoc and destruction. The chanting is growing louder and louder, Build the Wall, Build the Wall. 

  • When you are ready to address your debt, credit counseling in its pure form is a good thing.

  • Congratulations! Up until now, it has been surprisingly easy to get to this point and I'm sure your ego is extremely happy.  You are entitled to enjoy your fifteen minutes of elation.

  • A credit card is a powerful tool and when deftly wielded can be very useful.

  • Approaching retirement can be scary with its litany of changes. With age differences in the family one might be retiring while the other is still in their prime earning years.

  • As we celebrate our nation’s birthday this July Fourth, many here in Wilton Manors are faced with a very uncertain future. As Senate Leader Mitch McConnell tries to get away with dumping millions of Americans off of their healthcare insurance, wheeling and dealing in the back rooms of the Senate, many here in our Island City are bracing for the worst.

  • On this World AIDS Day, someone just got blocked on a dating app, because he posted his HIV-positive status.  Your friend who proudly displays his bumper sticker proclaiming equality just lost interest in his handsome neighbor, because he found out the guy is living with HIV.  We’re three decades into the HIV epidemic, yet stigma is everywhere.

  • Looking for the handsome gentleman playing darts at GYM Bar ….

  • I was just about to head to Penn’s Landing when I heard. The confirmed death toll from the terrorist hate crime attack at Pulse in Orlando was 20 at that point.

  • My name is Ryan Hurst and I’m gay. As we celebrate Pride this month I feel compelled to share the story of how Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum helped me to find my place in the community and understand the meaning of pride, and in doing so I hope that you will give Andrew Gillum a chance to earn your vote for governor of Florida.

  • Seems incredible that we have already reached the last full week of March. You would think that springtime would be in full bloom. Unfortunately, for our northern brethren, nobody informed Old Man Winter. We here in South Florida have the pleasure of enjoying the cool evenings and warm days a bit longer before the heat and humidity settle in. With the springtime holidays of Easter and Passover fast approaching, we should take time to enjoy this delightful weather while it lasts.

  • In all my years living in Wilton Manors, I cannot remember a time when so many incidents have taken place targeting residents on our streets at night.

  • World AIDS Day 2017.

  • Most of us growing up were taught that American democracy, our institutions, and our shared values had somewhat of a sacred character. Americans, no matter if you were Conservative, Liberal, Republican, Democrat, Catholic, Protestant, White, Black, Hispanic, Male, Female, no matter your background, we were all still part of a special place called the United States of America.

  • It may have passed without note. That’s why it is a well known axiom in politics that if you want to take a certain action but have it buried, the period from Friday noon through Saturday night is the ideal time to act. And if it’s right before a holiday weekend, so much the better.

  • (SS) Two years ago, when Ron DeSantis took the oath of office as the 46th governor of Florida, we knew little about him other than that he was an ultra-conservative congressman from Northeast Florida who had voted to shut down the government, who ran his campaign on Fox News and who President Trump liked a lot. Now as he nears the midway point of a four-year term, the whole country knows him — for all the wrong reasons. 

  • Kit Conner said he was forced to reveal that he's bisexual, Alexis Bellini introduced her transgender son, and two beauty queens get married.

  • In 2016, I made my man cry. I’m white. He’s black. We were at a party of almost all-white, almost all-gay, almost all-men. 

  • Readers who followed me over the years know that sometimes I’ve been critical of public television.

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