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  • Engines will be purring this weekend at the Wilton Manors Car Show.

  • Big checks with big amounts were presented at Hunters Nightclub on Jan. 15, as the SMART Ride gave out proceeds from November’s ride.

  • (WB) In a widely anticipated move to fill the U.S. Senate seat currently held by the departing Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday that he has chosen the state’s secretary of state, Alex Padilla.

  • Circuit rolled out (literally) in Wilton Manors in October. The open-air vehicles that look like limo-sized versions of a golf cart carry passengers between any two points within the city limits. 

  • Some people don’t like this car. They say it looks squished. But that sort of concept-car-for-the-road look is exactly what Land Rover was going for when designing the edgy Evoque. If it had a high roof, it would look like, well, a little Range Rover, which would look tall and awkward. Rather, it is—pardon me—evoque-ative of its bigger brother in style and premium (for the class) pricing, but it’s far sportier, smaller, and more nimble.

  • Magnetic Black. It’s a kind of blue-black metallic that looks remarkably dressy on a Benz. And a man, apparently: I have a suit that’s pretty much the same exact color. I only found this out by accident, of course, as I stepped out of a Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG in the aforementioned suit and a passerby playfully snickered that it must be “dress like your car day” before complimenting me on my good taste in rides.

  • At a recent commission meeting, a resident in our community referred to me as “living in the world of the Jetsons” because I expressed a desire for our city to focus on other modes of transportation in addition to cars.

  • The New York real estate developer was hooked after getting his first Vespa scooter as a teen. He began collecting all sorts of motorized vehicles — from scooters, motorcycles, classic automobiles and expensive sports cars to fantasy vehicles from television and the movies—more than 1000 in all. 

  • With the addition of a number of new ambassadors and partners throughout North American racing, Racing Pride has announced a substantial expansion of its world-leading campaign to actively promote LGBT inclusiveness via motorsport.

  • At the height of their popularity all four Beatles owned Minis. Even Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix motor racing team, and subsequently of the Ferrari automobile marque owned one. It has been featured in countless action movies, one of the last being the remake of The Italian Job where they treated the Mini like another member of the cast.

  • Rolling through a stop sign, going a touch above the posted speed limit, taking a shortcut only you know about.

  • They’re lean, green, electric machines and they’re cruising the streets from one end of Wilton Manors to the other.