By The Bi

  • Oh, yes. The sense of isolation I felt as a Black woman at #NN15 was amplified by biphobia, both external and internal. When I introduced Jennicet Eva Gutiérrez at the #QPOCNN15 caucus I co-organized, I mentioned that multiple people had asked me whether I would go to the White House and be disruptive, to which I told them, "what makes you think I haven't?"

  • Biphobia, or prejudice and/or fear of bisexuals, in the media can often be subtle in its complexity and stunning in breadth. Whether it's explicit and easily recognized or indirect and implicit, biphobia can appear anywhere and everywhere — from magazines to television, film, news, or the web. Here are recent examples of how media can be disaffirming, unwelcoming, and in some cases outright harmful to bisexual people: