Aubrey Plaza

  • Aubrey Plaza came out in an interview as bisexual, admitting to having a 'huge' crush on a former co-star.

  • October 11 was National Coming Out Day, and what better way to celebrate it by appreciating the people in the limelight to publicly declare their sexual orientation to the world? Here are five celebrities that came out this year.

  •  Writer/director Jeff Baena’s irreverent reimagining of parts of Bocaccio’s 14th century fictional work “The Decameron,” complete with 21st century vernacular, is so bawdy it would make Monty Python blush. The humor, much of which is derived from the use of modern language in a 1347 setting, is almost non-stop and is sure to leave audience members leaving with huge, if slightly off-kilter, smiles on their faces.