Atticus Ranck

  • Trans Talk: Being an Ally Part 1

    Many people want to be allies to transgender people but simply don’t know how, so they end up saying offensive things or asking inappropriate questions in the name of attempting to understand what it means to be transgender.

  • TransTalk: An Ode to all Trans People Who have been Through it

    Look at how fucking resilient we are. Look how strong. Look at all the shit we’ve gone through and we’re still here. 

  • TransTalk: As a Trans Man I Feel Ignored

    As a trans man, I feel ignored. I don’t see myself represented in mainstream media. There is hardly any research on trans men. Even in the trans community, transgender often seems to default to trans women. 

  • TransTalk: Dating, Disclosing, and Love

    Finding love is a big concern for trans people, and it’s not without its validation. A trans guy told me that when he came out to his mom, his mom said, “Who’s going to love you?”

  • TransTalk: Feeling Tokenized

    Do you ever feel like you’ve only been invited somewhere or asked to be a member of something because you’re trans? It’s like the opposite of what’s been happening, and continues to happen, for most of modern transgender history which is to not be invited somewhere or to be unwelcome because of who we are. 

  • TransTalk: Gratitude, Reminiscing on My Own 10-year Journey

    I often look around me and feel so incredibly blessed and grateful for my life. This hasn’t always been the case, but life has just gotten better and better and I’m so lucky to lead the life I do. 

  • TransTalk: Money, Money, Money

    I think about money all the time. Just ask my wife. It annoys her.  

  • TransTalk: My Manniversary

    Friday, Dec. 13, 2019 I celebrated 6 years since starting my medical transition to male. That’s 312 shots of testosterone and 2 surgeries.  

  • TransTalk: The Diversity of the Trans Community

    (Mirror) The typical transgender narrative is that you’ve known since age 4, you identify very strongly as male or female, and you’ve never wavered in that belief. The truth is that there are a lot of ways to be transgender and the typical narrative is not everyone’s story. 

  • TransTalk: The Power of Friendship

    When I got my top surgery in February 2015, the thing that made me the most nervous was the recovery. It wasn’t the pain that worried me, it was, “Who was going to help take care of me if I need it?”