All Stars 5

  • Mariah Balenciaga Talks Returning For 'All Stars,' & What We May Not Know About The Ballroom Scene

    "They Call This Queen…Mariah.” With those words, RuPaul cemented Mariah Balenciaga into Drag Race history as one of the most breathlessly stunning dolls to hit the runway. As she returned for "RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5," fans were eager to see how her style had changed (it has only grown) and what this doll could bring to the competition. Not only did Mariah bring her signature “racehorse legs” and stunning fashion, but she showed quite clearly, that this queen has plenty more to show the world. Mariah and I sat down and immediately went deep on the ballroom world, racial inequality in the world of drag, and what her All Stars experience meant to her.