• Generosity May Be One Link Between Two Still Unsolved Gay Murders

    The murders of Michael Miccio, 60, and Guy Eargle, 68, aren’t linked by police. But friends say the two men shared a generous spirit, and it may have been beneficiaries of that generosity that murdered the two gay men. Police are still investigating their deaths.

  • Good Luck Cat Cafe Finds New Home 

    The Good Luck Cat Cafe has come upon some good luck.

  • Hallmark Movie Without A Tree

    Jeremy’s middle name was Christmas, as the Irish Setter puppy was a gift to my live-in boyfriend at the time. When we broke up, he gave me back the dog. A couple of years later, when Ray and I had a little old Polish lady knit our monogrammed red and green stockings, Jeremy had one too. 

  • Holiday Season…

    (WMG) As 2018 races to the end, many of us are struggling just to keep up with all the events that crowd our calendars this time of year. Before I had a chance to leisurely enjoy a few cold turkey sandwiches from leftovers of our Thanksgiving feast, holiday lights and Christmas trees were popping up all around me. 

  • HOLY HOMOPHOBIA! Biblical Pamphlets Inserted into SFGN Distribution Boxes

    Over a dozen SFGN distribution boxes in the Victoria Park and Greater Fort Lauderdale area were compromised this past week, with anonymous pamphlets containing nothing but Biblical quotes warning against homosexuality.

  • How Gaymers Meet

    In the year 1977, geeks around the nation were created with a wave of technology and media. Atari released the first popular gaming console, the Atari 2600, and the gaming revolution began. Sick of playing silly “Pong,” the system promised eye-popping graphics and insane fun. 

  • In Memoriam of Barbara Kelly: A Lesbian Icon

    Barbara Ellen Kelly passed June 24 at her home in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Barbara, Barb, or Kelly, as she was popularly known, was born in New York City on May 28, 1936. Barbara lived in Brooklyn, Rockaway and Woodside Queens as a child and young adult.  

  • Jesse’s Journal: Communities of Faith

    Organized religion has not been kind to the LGBT communities. Traditional Judaism, Christianity and Islam treated sexual and gender diversity as “abominations” worthy of death or worse. 

  • Keeping Your Dollars Local

    With all the holiday shopping competition from big box stores and online giants like Amazon, retailers in and around Wilton Manors say they compete by offering something else – better customer service and merchandise not easy or impossible to find elsewhere.

  • Letter To The Editor

    In his Dec. 19  editorial, SFGN Publisher Norm Kent rightfully reminded us of the need to support low cost housing and reminded us against the NIMBY (not in my back yard) sentiments.  

  • Local Musician, Beverly McClellan, Dies at 49

    Beverly McClellan, the local singer who rose to national fame when she placed in the top 4 of the first season of the Voice, died last week from cancer. She was 49.

  • Local Theater Production Could Have Been Inspiration For Sitcom

    Almost any gay man knows someone who can quote practically every line of every “Golden Girls” episode verbatim.

  • McNaught: Keeping Them Together

    When we found the silhouettes of the two guys and a dog, we knew nothing of Auguste Edouart. Ray and I were at an auction on the north shore of Boston and, Jeremy, the Irish Setter, was at home. We both spotted the pair, and decided to join the bidding for each one, individually. 

  • McNaught: Memories Light The Corners Of My Mind

    Reel in the Closet, a 2015 documentary by Stu Maddox, compiled the home movies, dating back to the 1930s, of ordinary LGBT people, celebrating with their friends, none of whom knew they would one day be seen on the big screen, nor that their candid shots would become their legacy to us. 

  • McNaught: Shared Beliefs on the Unknown

    Lincoln has been a Buddhist since he was a puppy. In his earliest romps around our lakefront property in the Adirondacks, he would stop, sit for long periods of time, and observe. In other words, he was in the moment, with his body and his mind in the same place, seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling things for the first time. It’s called “Beginner’s Mind.” You needn’t be a puppy or baby to experience it. 

  • McNaught: The Changing Nature of Home

    It’s not true that the person who dies with the most toys wins.
  • McNaught: Through Thin And Thick

    Unlike Lincoln, who immediately takes shotgun in the old, red, Mercedes convertible, Jeremy always jumped into the back of my red Opel station wagon. Perhaps, had it been a Mercedes, the Irish Setter, that I had given to a previous boyfriend for Christmas, would have wanted to ride up front too.

  • McNaught: What Makes a Family

    Lincoln is asleep between Ray and me in bed. His head touches my leg because it assures his connection. He’s on his back, with his splayed legs across Ray’s. My husband of 43 years is snoring softly. This is my family, my real family, two guys and a dog, all in love.

  • Meet Jason Caceres, Rising Star From South Florida

    (Mirror) Artistically inclined from an early age, Miami native Jason Caceres is now living in Los Angeles pursuing a career as an actor, where he has enjoyed a good deal of success. In addition to appearing in a number of commercials and working on the stage, Caceres, 28, has made a guest appearance on the CBS series "Criminal Minds." 

  • Op-Ed: A Legend Moves On: The Passion and Pride of Pompano Bill  

    When a man passes away at the age of 92, you don’t have to write about the cause of his death. You celebrate and commemorate the causes of his life.

    The thousands of hits online at SFGN.com and the hundreds of Facebook posts featuring Pompano Bill and his pictures are testimony to a glorious life, lovingly lived.