• Christmas Is Cancelled!

    Word spread quickly across the land that our pugnacious leader had decreed that Christmas would be cancelled this season. No merriment and joy for all while he had to suffer the humiliation of this past week from his public squabble with Pelosi and Schumer right on his own turf at the White House. 

  • Column: A New Year And A Look Back 

    This time of year, one would normally expect my regular list of New Year’s resolutions for our city of Wilton Manors.

  • Column: Border Protection in Wilton Manors

    On the same evening that President Trump addressed the nation from the Oval Office last week, members of our City Commission seemed to be in lock-step with the notion of building a wall. 

  • Column: City Budgets, Affordable Housing and the Wilton Drive Project…Oh My!

    Keeping with Island City tradition, our Mayor and City Commissioners voted to cancel the first scheduled City Commission meeting in August for summer break. There will certainly be plenty on the agenda when they return on August 28.   

  • Column: Compass To Expand Mental Health Therapy Program

    We must have been very good here at Compass last year, because we received a GREAT holiday gift that we want to share! We are excited to announce that our mental health therapy program is expanding in 2019, thanks to a grant from The CenterLink – Johnson Family Foundation Mental Health Initiative. 

  • Column: Does the Money Come Out?

    My never-ending quest for a formula to call a market turn led me to ask a question: Can you make lemonade out of lemons, even if you buy at a market peak?

  • Column: Recipe for Success 

    Looking to open a business here in Wilton Manors? Want to do it quickly with no hassle, without proper permits, and without bothering with all the restrictions and fees that everyone else must incorporate into their business plan? Want to bypass the whole process and not be concerned with your neighbors’ quality of life? 

  • Column: Springtime Has Arrived! 

    Springtime has arrived here in Wilton Manors. Many might not have noticed as we marched right past the spring equinox a few weeks ago, perhaps still too busy adjusting our clocks ahead one hour. 

  • Column: The Artist Who Paints With Her Voice

    A native of London, England, Glenda Grainger has lived and performed all over the world.

  • Column: Wilton Manors Pride

    Perhaps there is some truth to the myths of the ancient Greek gods’ preference to homosexuality. 

  • Commissioners Targeted After Pride Center Vote 

    Wilton Manors garnered national headlines last year when commissioners unanimously approved construction of an LGBT-friendly affordable housing project for seniors at the Pride Center at Equality Park.

  • Compass and Poverello Team Up for Healthy Eating

    Compass will be teaming up with Poverello, a nonprofit food pantry for those living with chronic illnesses in South Florida, this Saturday to show people that eating healthy can be inexpensive. 

  • Compass Points: Compass Celebrates 30 Years 

    A lot can change in 30 years. Thirty years ago the Apple IIc computer went on sale for $1,295. Thirty years ago the first National Coming Out Day was recognized.

  • Compass Points: Compass Supports LGBT Youth 

    Remember being a kid? The cliques, the bullies, the homework, the effort to have a social life, and the fear of looking uncool?

  • Corbin’s Campaign Literature Attacks Former Opponent, WMPD 

    Boyd Corbin’s race for mayor took a new turn last week with the publication of a brochure one of his political opponents has concluded is defamatory, and which also contains numerous charges against the Wilton Manors Police Department.

  • Creating A New Wilton Drive Comes With Growing Pains

    Generally, I agree with many of Norm Kent’s commentary and editorials. However, I must take issue with his headline and subsequent article entitled “PLANNERS STRIKE OUT AT THE PLAZA”. 

  • Dispute Ends in Fatal Shooting of 7-Eleven Worker

    A dispute that started inside an Oakland Park convenience store spilled outside where a clerk was fatally shot, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said Monday.

  • Diversity Honors Stirs Controversy With Conservative Speakers


    Rose-colored lights and chandeliers hung over the heads of guests as they walked into this year’s Diversity Honors Award Ceremony. Every guest had the opportunity to have their picture taken before mingling with the crowd inside, hors d'oeuvres and drinks making their rounds. 

  • Food: Bona Gives Back

    Since taking over the landmark Bona Italian Restaurant more than two years ago, Glen Weinzimer and his team have made some significant changes, all while keeping the things about Bona that the community enjoyed the most (including maintaining some of the long-time servers). Bona also has instituted some new policies. One of those is giving back to the community. 

  • For Most Local Retailers, Christmas Sales Are Welcome But Not Needed

    For many local consignment shops and retailers in and around Wilton Manors, the Christmas shopping season isn’t a make or break time of year.