real estate

  • Real Estate: Show Me the Money

    In the next few weeks I will be rolling out my third edition of Broward’s Real Estate Yearbook. This publication – the only one of its kind and scope – provides a detailed view of pricing, sales and inventory trends in 35 distinct East Broward neighborhoods (not zip codes; there is a big difference).

  • Real Estate: Some Interest-ing Information

    In this special issue on real estate, I decided to share with you some important information on the role of interest rates in the real estate market. I hope you will find it, of “interest.” (Get it?)

  • Real Estate: The Federal Flood Insurance program revisited

    Last time, you may remember, I wrote about the Federal Flood Insurance program. I described the program and identified various structural issues with it. Additionally, I hinted at a potential solution that Realtor-leaders, and society generally, ought to be able to get behind.

  • Real Estate: The Final Analysis, Wilton Modeling

    Last time, you’ll remember, I discussed development of a statistical model that produced a much better estimator of property value in Wilton Manors than the cruder method “price per square foot”. The multi-factor model did include price per foot as one of the inputs, but also included several other statistically significant variables.

  • Real Estate: The Future Is Now

    Sometimes, the columns just write themselves.

  • Real Estate: The New World Versus the Old

    Many full time residents of WilMa recall the recent issues involving Uber, the peer-to-peer transportation provider. The local taxi monopoly, irritated that their government grant had been violated, persuaded the county commission to essentially ban Uber from operating. This provoked a consumer backlash that resulted in Uber's reinstatement, with some restrictions.

  • Real Estate: Three Lessons From 2016

    What would be the most appropriate adjectives to use to describe 2016? Would they include words like incredible, unbelievable, unusual, tragic? Maybe some of those, but how about also including hopeful?

  • Real Estate: What is a Community?

    We need to take a short detour to define our terms. If I am going to spend an entire year talking about community, just what does that mean?

  • Real Estate: Who Do You Trust?

    For this column and the next, we are going to take a slight – but related – diversion from our annual exposition on community. This week I want to talk about two matters that popped up in the news and on my Facebook feed in the last couple days. In the next issue, I’m going to give some First Quarter 2017 pricing and sales data, fresh off the presses (or out of my analytical software anyway) for those who might have an interest in the current market situation.

  • Real Estate: WilMa, How’s It Going?

    Every year about this time, I update my readers on how things are going in the single family home market in the Island City. This year is no exception. In this column I will discuss some overall results and trends for the whole city. There will be additional information on the three specific neighborhoods of WilMa in a blog entry on my website,

  • RealEstate: A Better Educated Consumer

    Several years ago, before I moved to the land of milk and honey (i.e., South Florida), I lived in the Northeast U.S. A frequent advertiser on late night television was an off-price men’s clothing merchant whose advertising tagline was, “An educated consumer is our best customer.” (He even got an article written about him in Forbes magazine!)

  • RealEstate: Wilton’s Third Quarter

    These next two columns will be shorter on the text, but hopefully chock full of information to make you a better consumer. Whether you wish to buy or sell in Our Fair Island City, or simply wish to impress those know-it-all guys from DC or Boston, you will find the knowledge helpful.

  • The Science of Value: Final Thoughts

    Last time, I ended the column with a teaser question: Can we apply the same scientific methods to determine the degree to which price variation in Wilton Manors and nearby neighborhoods is due to the locations themselves?

  • Third Annual Real Estate Yearbook Now Available

    Quick – name an asset class that will increase in value by a double-digit percentage, every year, with no decline, forever. I’ll wait a minute while you consider some options.

  • Where Are The Customers? Realtors May Not Like Zillow, but Customers Do

    This is a column for both the real estate consumer (a buyer, seller or investor in real estate) as well as a real estate professional – someone who either has a real estate license or aspires to have one.

  • Which Party in Washington is Better for Broward Real Estate?

    I went to Wilton Manors City Hall last Saturday morning and voted early. Soon we will know the outcome – some will be pleased, many will be relieved that it is finally over. Last Friday we had the news of additional FBI investigations of some type (still as of this writing not sure what) regarding Secretary Clinton’s email or that of her close aide’s. On the announcement of that, the stock market dropped by one percent in one hour, suggesting that the market was already expecting a Clinton victory. That got me to thinking: if we look at historical price behavior of real estate here in Broward County, has having one party in power in Washington been better than another?

  • WilMa Sales: Have They Peaked, Too?

    They might still be counting votes in California, and the Broward election supervisor doesn’t appear to have found those missing 2,000 ballots yet, but the numbers are all in on the real estate activity that’ll be part of my Yearbook this year.