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  • Real Estate: 2017, A Year of Community

    Over the holiday season I had the opportunity to speak with many people about the state of the real estate market here in South Florida, and also about the state of our nation and the world. On reflection I have decided to devote all my columns in the coming year to the theme of community.

  • Real Estate: A Better Rule

    Last time, youll remember, I discussed the use of price per square foot” as a rule of thumb” in pricing real estate. I proved, using actual sales data, that as a standalone statistic price per foot was a fair predictor at best. 

  • Real Estate: A Good Investment? Returns Since 2011

    I have written before that there are definitely times in the economic cycle when investing in real estate is one of the best things you can do with available capital. And, conversely, there are times when a more cautious and hesitant approach is most appropriate.

There are absolute psychic benefits to owning your own home. It’s one of the main reasons there are Realtors, after all. Among other reasons, we are here to help people’s dreams of home ownership come to reality.

  • Real Estate: A Property Tax Renaissance

    I know this is an odd title for this week’s episode. It came to me as I was walking my greyhound, Koffee, this morning at 4 a.m., with the moon and stars still visible.

  • Real Estate: A WilMa Worry?

    Several days prior to the issue you’re reading, I posted a bit of info on Facebook that I hoped would get some interest (and it did). As of a recent date, the were 76 single family homes for sale in Wilton Manors. (There were another 26 properties with live realtor listing contracts that had not yet closed.) So I wondered – and worried – what is happening to inventory in the Island City, and how did that compare with prior periods over the last several years?

  • Real Estate: An Interesting Second Quarter

    When I started taking a look at second quarter sales of single family homes in various neighborhoods in and near Wilton Manors, I thought the findings were of sufficient interest to take a break from resiliency and share some of the data with you.

  • Real Estate: Buy? Or Lease?

    Well, folks… it is Story Hour. And Daddy James (I am writing this on Father’s Day, after all), is going to deliver an impassioned “Reading.”

  • Real Estate: Community at Midyear

    It has been a while since I have written about “community,” my overarching theme for this year. In this column, I will refresh memories of where we have been, and show where we will be headed over the remainder of 2017.

  • Real Estate: First Quarter Pricing Review

    Last time you’ll remember, I provided a recap of sales counts for single family homes in the three neighborhoods of the Island City, as well as in nine additional nearby neighborhoods of interest to you, my loyal readers. This time we will look at pricing, compared with both last year and two years ago.

  • Real Estate: First Quarter Sales and Pricing Recap

    It’s not often that the things I write for you make me sit back and say, hmm. Even less often do the results I get as an analyst make me shake my head. I have done this sort of work for a long time, you know. Like many people in real estate, this is my second career. I spent many years playing around with big datasets. I know how to do that. So when I get the answer, I move on.

  • Real Estate: First Quarter Sales Review

    It’s hard to believe we are already at the midway point between Real Estate Yearbooks. I end my review with the third quarter results, so that we can start the season with the latest information. (You can take a look at the 2017 yearbook on my website at

  • Real Estate: Get That Listing!

    This week, we continue the descent into Geekery that marked my last two columns. We looked at recent sales and pricing results for the three WilMa neighborhoods, as well as for nine select neighborhoods of interest nearby.

  • Real Estate: Have You Checked Out These Neighborhoods?

    If you are a loyal reader of this publication, I can pretty much guarantee, given the option, you would rather people describe you as “fabulous” instead of “basic.”

  • Real Estate: How Much Does Neighborhood Matter?

    Of late, I have been shifting my professional concentration into specializing in prewar architecture – which in South Florida means pre-World War Two, not pre-Revolutionary War. There are some prewar homes here in Broward, although not as many as you would find in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties.

  • Real Estate: If Not WilMa, Then Where?

    With the median sale price of single family homes in Our Fair Island City now crossing the $500,000 barrier, this column will compare pricing in competing nearby neighborhoods. In addition, since many people have been totally priced out of the Wilton market due to the escalation in pricing, I thought it might be helpful to compare more affordable options to being within Wilton's boundaries.

  • Real Estate: Let’s Find Some Communities!

    Having defined community and argued for its importance, let’s go the next step and take a look around east Broward (for starters) and see if we can find some areas that might be good candidates for creating community, assuming that communities do not already exist there.

  • Real Estate: On Value…And Values

    This column might get me in a little trouble. But that’s all right. What is it that Austin Powers said – “Danger is my middle name”?

  • Real Estate: Plenty of Inventory?

    I'm rolling out my third edition of Broward’s Real Estate Yearbook, providing a detailed view of pricing, sales and inventory trends in 35 distinct East Broward neighborhoods (with new expanded coverage of Lake Worth in Palm Beach County).

  • Real Estate: Rules of Thumb?

    Every now and again, I perform a refresh on a project I commenced shortly after moving to South Florida and becoming a realtor. Oftentimes I hear realtors discuss relative property values in terms of the statistic “price per square foot.” Perhaps you have heard such discussions yourself – or even participated in them.

  • Real Estate: Second Quarter 2019 Sales and Inventory

    Last time, I took a first look at second-quarter pricing in Wilton Manors, and showed that adjusting sale prices per the factor method discussed in previous columns moderated the price increase relative to 2Q18.