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  • Mayor Pete Speaks On LGBT History, Historic Campaign

    Pete Buttigieg, who has served as mayor of South Bend, Indiana since 2012, came out as a gay man in a self-penned essay published by the South Bend Tribune.

  • Mayor: Fight Not Over for Houston NonDiscrimination Measure

    HOUSTON -- Amid the defeat by voters of an ordinance that would have established nondiscrimination protections for gay and transgender people in Houston, Mayor Annise Parker rallied supporters of the measure, telling them the fight was not over.

  • Milk Stamp Dedication at San Francisco City Hall

    A few days after the Harvey Milk postage stamp was unveiled in San Francisco's Harvey Milk Plaza, the City held a full-scale dedication ceremony in the Rotunda at San Francisco City Hall. It was the very building where Milk, the first non-incumbent openly gay man in the U.S. to win an election for public office, was assassinated in 1978.

  • Mombian: LGBTQ Families, Past, Present, and Future

    I love LGBTQ History Month almost more than I love Pride Month. Going to grad school in history will do that. Keeping in mind the truism “History is written by the victors” and philosopher George Santayana’s observation, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” I find there’s something about looking at our queer past that feels empowering and vital.

  • Moms Mabley Was ‘Out’ as Lesbian to Friends, Entertainers

    Legendary American vaudeville entertainer-turned-comedian Jackie “Moms” Mabley became famous for her persona as a frumpy, middle-aged woman in a housedress and floppy hat delivering hilarious stand-up comedy routines, often with wry political commentary tucked inside.

  • Nation's Oldest Gay Bookstore Announces Closure

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The owner of the nation’s oldest gay bookstore appears to be writing its final chapter, confirming Tuesday that he plans to close the financially troubled shop next month.

  • Nazi-Code Breaker Alan Turing's Notebook To Be Auctioned

    NEW YORK (AP) — A handwritten notebook by Alan Turing, the code-breaking genius depicted by Benedict Cumberbatch in Oscar-nominated The Imitation Game, is going on the auction block.

  • New Book Tells a Startling Tale of the Third Reich

    Andrew Wackerfuss' just published book “Stormtrooper Families: Homosexuality and Community in the Early Nazi Movement,” will no doubt raise many eyebrows. The book tells a previously little known chapter in the history of the Third Reich.

  • News Briefs for October 14, 2015

  • Notable People Out Before Stonewall

    In commemoration of National Coming Out Day, (October 11) SFGN recalls a few brave souls who dared to venture out of the closet long before it was safe or acceptable to do so. We salute their courage.

  • O, Dem Golden Slippers!: Gender Variance And The Mummers Parade

    They were called female impersonators, character types, lovely creatures, drag queens, pansies, divas. They were straight, bi, gay and queer. For over a century, hundreds of men used the all-male bastion of the Philadelphia Mummers' New Year's Day Parade to create a space in which they could publicly defy expectations about gender.

  • October is LGBT History Month - Let's Celebrate

    October marks LGBT History Month, which started in 1994 by a Missouri high school teacher, Rodney Wilson. Wilson sought out other teachers and community leaders for his effort and they chose October because school was in session and it coincided with National Coming Out Day on October 11.

  • OpEd: Gay People Must Tell Their Stories

    (CNN) -- I still remember the chill that came over me the day my middle school history teacher showed the class a documentary about the Holocaust.

  • OpEd: History on our Doorstep

    In a year that has already been historic for the LGBT community, Time magazine this week delivered a stunning topper.

  • OpEd: LGBT History is Important

    As our community moves through its LGBT history month, there are three local events of interest worth noting, even though, shockingly, none of them were my birthday today.

  • OpEd: The History of Us

    How do you record or write the history of a secret, of something that until recently did not even dare to speak its name?

  • Opening Line: December 16, 2015

    Comments by our readers from our online outlets compiled by John McDonald.

  • Park Service Focusing On LGBT Heritage To Diversify Program

    Jamie Nickel spends her days telling tourists about the marvels of Glacier National Park. A native Californian with long, golden blonde hair, Nickel, 25, came to Montana for the summer to drive one of Glacier’s historic red buses.

  • Party Insiders Give Clinton Early, Commanding Delegate Edge

    Hillary Rodham Clinton has locked up public support from half of the Democratic insiders who cast ballots at the party's national convention, giving her a commanding advantage over her rivals for the party's presidential nomination.

  • Phalloplasty Surgery Explained in Upcoming Talk

    UM’s Dr. Salgado will present at SunServe