Transforming Gender

  • As Awards Season Takes Shape, Diversity Out of the Running

    Hollywood's awards season is taking shape, but if early indications are anything to go on, the Academy Awards won't be fielding a much more diverse batch of nominees a year after the academy was ridiculed for an Oscars featuring only white actors.

  • Column: “Stonewall” Whitewashes and Erases Trans History

    We should not accommodate the bigotries of straight and cis people

  • Column: Color Me Skeptical

    My idealism is gone, pounded into unconsciousness by our current government and political system

  • Column: Crying For Leelah

    On New Year’s Day, I did something on my radio show that I’d never done on the air in more than a decade’s worth of radio hosting: I cried.

  • Column: False Prophets

    Being famous and trans isn’t enough

  • Column: Holding Out For A HERO

    In November 2007, a young presidential candidate named Barack Obama released an op-ed to LGBT media in which he made this promise:

  • Column: Just What Is Equality Anyway?

    It seems that every time we have another significant event in the movement for same-sex marriage, we hear the same things, the same well-used terms thrown around in the media as if they accurately represent the facts. Do they really, though?

  • Column: Living The Dream

    When I came out and began identifying and living as a woman full time in 1997, there really wasn’t much in the way of media that focused on or even included trans people and the issues that matter in our lives. We had just one well-known and well-respected community columnist, Gwendolyn Ann Smith, and one broadcast radio show focusing on trans people and issues, GenderTalk, hosted by Nancy Nangeroni which was streamed and archived online.

  • Column: Looking For Courage in The Wrong Place

    When I read that Apple CEO Tim Cook had come out as gay, I thought to myself that it was nice to see the head of one of the most profitable companies in the world publicly acknowledge his sexual orientation. When the Human Rights Campaign called it “courageous,” though, I had to stop and think.

  • Column: Peeing in Peace

    I’ve been around a long time as an out and proud trans woman, almost 18 years now. I thought I’d seen it all – misrepresentations, out-and-out lies, double-dealing, betrayed promises - the very worst of American politics in regard to the basic civil rights of trans people.

  • Column: The Edge of the Knife

    Before I came out and began living as a woman almost 18 years ago, I never really gave much serious thought to whether or not I wanted Gender Realignment Surgery (GRS). I was working in retail and getting by, but not so well that coming up with twenty thousand dollars or more to get my genitalia refurbished seemed like a realistic possibility.

  • Column: The Other Side

    My journey with gender assignment surgery

  • Column: Welcome to The New America

    A few years ago, the column you’re reading now probably wouldn’t have existed. Finding a transgender journalist working in commercial media was only slightly easier than locating the proverbial needle in a very large haystack, and columns like this one, written by a trans woman about topics and issues that impact transgender people, were only slightly less difficult to track down than Shakespeare’s First Folio.

  • GLAAD Turns Its Back On Independent Mediamakers (Again)

    GLAAD, the LGBT media watchdog organization, has always had something of a checkered history, particularly with grassroots community media. It took GLAAD many years to acknowledge the work of LGBT bloggers and independent content creators.

  • Mormon Leader: Kentucky Clerk Taking Wrong Approach on Gays

    The Mormon Church staked a deeper claim to middle ground in American society, advocating for compromises between protecting religious liberties and prohibiting discrimination, and criticizing Kentucky clerk Kim Davis for refusing to license gay marriages.

  • News Briefs for November 11, 2015

    News briefs for this week.

  • Taste of the Island Tickets Limited

    Apparently, too many people at a fundraiser isn’t always a good thing.